NYPD Bail Reform
NYPD Bail Reform

The New York Police Department is pushing back on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new bail reform that forces judges to release defendants without even collecting bail. This irrational reform also applies to people who attack police officers. This is evidenced by a man who was released even though there is a video of him sucker punching a NYPD officer. This outrageous case is proof that New York doesn’t care about the safety of its police officers, citizens, or visitors.

New York Bail Reform

Crime usually doesn’t pay as actions have consequences in most parts of the country. But, that doesn’t apply to New York City where bail reform has led to many criminals being released after assaulting victims.

De Blasio believes it is unfair to ask indigent people to pay bail after being charged with violent crimes.

They can’t afford to pay it and the failed presidential hopeful feels this discriminates against poor people. So, he wants those charged with violent crimes to be free rather than behind bars where they cannot harm the public.

Even when they commit hate crimes and attack police officers, DeBlasio demands they be released.

Mayor Offters Gifts to Alleged Criminals

To make matters worse, leftwing Mayor de Blasio is even offering gifts such as Mets tickets and gift cards to bribe defendants to return to court after they are released. This new Democratic playbook is teaching people that crime actually does pay!

The man who attacked the police officer is now back to panhandling on the streets of New York. In the video below, he apologizes but this certainly doesn’t make the issue go way.

If he is willing to hurt a police officer, he’s likely willing to hurt anyone else.

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Police Speak Out

The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York is fighting back.

One of their own was attacked and the man who did it is free and on the streets where he can easily attack again.

“As we said earlier: the perps know they can sucker punch a cop and escape with no consequences. The perp who assaulted our police officer has been released without bail back onto the streets,” they stated in the tweet below.

The Sergeant’s Benevolent Association joined in as well by tweeting a warning to police officers that the City of New York is failing them and setting them up to be targets.

When there aren’t any repercussions in place to protect the police from these cretons, it’s seen as an invitation to attack the police. That’s exactly what happened in the tweeted video below.

Now, the man who attacked a police officer is back on the streets.

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New York Anti-Semitic Attacks

New York City has also released a woman charged with two different anti-Semitic attacks. After the woman was released, she went on to harm others again. The Big Apple has given itself a black eye by automatically releasing these types of criminals.

They have put everyone’s safety on the line for a liberal pet project. This certainly should impact New York City’s economy. Why would people want to visit a city that won’t protect them?

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