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Weeks after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their decision to step down as official members of the British royal family, experts are weighing in on the Duke and Duchess’ future. Their consensus: there is no reason to worry about the couple’s livelihood. In fact, some predict that the two of them are about to become billionaires.

What’s In Store For Harry And Meghan

FOX has hired TMZ’s Harvey Levin to executive produce “Harry & Meghan: The Royals in Crisis” which will air Wednesday, January 29th. The new FOX special intends to “cut through the noise, inaccuracies and speculation surrounding the couple’s surprise announcement,” according to a press release.

In the lead-up to this special investigation, Levin said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have no problem marketing themselves in Hollywood. Which is a world that Harvey Levin knows very well.

“Make no mistake about it, Harry and Meghan are incredibly marketable, incredibly marketable,” Levin said.

“I mean, we talked to Mark Cuban, who knows a thing or two about branding and business and entertainment, and he thinks they’re going to be billionaires, and the reason is simple. They are sought-after people. They are young, beautiful, intelligent, interesting people and Oprah [Winfrey] has already partnered with Harry on a mental health docuseries.”

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are The ‘Junior Obamas’

“So [Harry] put his foot in the entertainment pond and Meghan has been in it,” Levin said. “So they are… somebody we interviewed calls them the ‘Junior Obamas’ when it comes to making money because they are extremely marketable.”

Harvey Levin was referring to former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, who have already found success in the entertainment world by signing a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix.

Though Levin believes that Meghan and Harry will find great success in the entertainment world, he acknowledged that it may be harder for them than it was for the Obamas.

“The difference between Barack and Michelle Obama and Megan and Harry is that Barack and Michelle never left anyone,” Levin explained. “And Harry and Megan left their country, and Harry left the family. And that’s the difference. And they have to navigate that. The Obamas didn’t have to navigate that. They [Harry and Meghan] do.”

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Harry And Meghan Are Already Making Moves

Later Levin was asked what “quiet moves” he thinks Harry and Meghan have already made. To which he replied, “Well, I think success will find them. I don’t even think they need to search out success. They are very marketable, desirable people, both of them, and together. And they will make a lot of money.”

“They can pretty much do what they want to do,” he concluded.

“So I don’t think they’re quiet moves, although we’re going to get into the quiet moves [in the special] — I don’t know that it’s necessary. I think that there are a lot of people that would love to work with Meghan and Harry. And when you look at our queen, Oprah Winfrey, she has already signed Harry up on the dotted line.”

Only time will tell what’s next for this couple. In the meantime, the entire world will be watching and waiting.

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