Joy Behar

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” radically liberal cohost Joy Behar assumed that the gunmen who killed three people, including one police officer, in Jersey City, New Jersey the day before were white nationalists. Unfortunately for the politically correct-obsessed Behar, however, the shooters were actually Black Hebrew Israelites.

Jersey City Shooting

The Daily Caller reports that the shooters have been identified as 50 year-0ld Francine Graham and 47 year-old David Anderson, who frequently posted anti-semitic and anti-police rhetoric on social media and had links to the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group that believes that “blacks are the true descendants of  biblical Jews.” Graham and Anderson murdered Detective Joseph Seals before opening fire on a Jewish kosher deli, killing three more people before they were shot dead themselves.

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Joy Behar Blames Jersey City Shooting On White Nationalists

When former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on “The View” the next day, Behar asked him to explain more details about the shooting.

“Is it anti-Semitic?” Behar asked him. “What happened?”

Christie explained that officials believe that the Jewish deli “was targeted” before shifting to talk about Detective Seals.

“It’s a really terrible thing, and we need to pray for this detective’s family,” Christie said. “Those five children lost their dad.”

That’s when Behar inexplicably decided to race-bait and pin this tragedy on white nationalists.

“Yes,” Behar said. “You will concede that the nationals — these white nationalists have been let out of their holes.”

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“Listen,” Christie told her. “It’s an awful, divisive time when you are allowing folks to be able to express these kind of views, no matter how they are, no matter what the ethnic, religious bias they have. That’s got no place in this country, never has, and we, all of us who feel that way need to be speaking out against it and drown their voices out.”

Behar And Her Fellow Liberals Are The Real Racists


Behar knew little about the shooting and had no idea what the gunmen looked like, yet she decided to blame it on white people. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what is!

One of the strangest things about modern liberals like Behar is that they have decided to fight racism by blaming and shaming white people as much as possible.

Next time, Behar should do some research and get her facts straight before she opens her mouth about a national tragedy such as this one.

All she’s doing is showing the world what an ignorant racist she really is.