Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, who is best known these days for impersonating President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” slammed supporters of the president in a vile rant.

Baldwin reportedly unleashed his tirade on his Twitter page.

Baldwin’s Twitter Rant

“American democracy has always been a struggle between the misaligned protections of specific freedoms and a raging, at times intoxicating, 12 cylinder economy,” Baldwin began. “It demanded vigilant/consistent regulation, compassion for the disenfranchised and the periodic display of a necessary sacrifice that allowed for the long term health of our society at the expense of short term whims.”

“The desecration of those ideals and the near moral collapse of this country falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters, as opposed as opposed to Trump himself, who is merely what psychology labels the ‘objective negative function,'” he continued. “Like fire, floods and earthquakes, it destroys, and only destroys, by its very nature. Without prejudice.”

Not stopping there, Baldwin went on to specifically attack the millions of people who voted for Trump.

Baldwin Attacks Trump Supporters

“It is Trump voters, particularly those who would re-elect him who bear the blame,” Baldwin said. “For the undeniable and colossal destruction of everything that matters to us as Americans that cannot be merely monetized.”

This is far from the first time Baldwin has gone after Trump and his supporters. Over the summer, the actor claimed that “our friends in other countries” now believe that a “mass of Americans are outright racists.”

Weeks later, he added that Trump supporters “have swallowed the poison pills of racist hatred, election fraud, a revolving door of semi-competent or outright awful appointees” because money is the only thing they care about.

Baldwin should really be thanking President Trump for reviving his career and making him relevant again.

Before Trump was elected, Baldwin was nothing more than a has-been actor. His impression of Trump on “Saturday Night Live” is the only solid job that Baldwin has going for him right now. And, he has the president and his supporters to thank for that.

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