Superstar Injured At TLC + Primo Colon On Wellness Violation

Superstar Injured At TLC + Primo Colon On Wellness Violation

Did Kairi Sane Suffer A Concussion During TLC Main Event?

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships were up for grabs for the first time ever via a tables, ladders and chairs match last night at TLC.

While this was a milestone match and a big evening, for at least on Superstar involved, it probably didn’t have the most ideal ending.

As is to be expected from a TLC match, especially one serving as the main event, there was plenty of carnage. During one moment of chaos, it appears that Kairi Sane took a shot to the head and suffered an apparent concussion.

Fans Send Their Support

It is believed that this possibly happened during a portion of the match that saw Charlotte and Becky liberally use the announce table monitors. Following that spot, Sane did not look to be her usual self. She took several more awkward looking bumps along the way, which many fans took to be a sure sign that the Superstar was out on her feet.

We won’t know for sure until later on today what the official diagnosis is for Sane. If she did indeed suffer a concussion, the hope is that the tag team champion would not need to miss significant time, but of course that she makes a full recovery.

Primo Colon Speaks Out About Wellness Policy Suspension

As we reported last week, WWE had a handful of new Wellness Policy violations. Specifically, Robert Roode and Primo Colon found themselves suspended for 30 days due to failed tests.

Except, according to Primo Colon, he never failed a drug test prior to being suspended 30 days. In fact, he says he didn’t even take a test at all, so he couldn’t have flunked it.

According to an interview Primo gave to a local outlet in Puerto Rico, WWE called him to submit for a test and he was unable to do so.

This may be the sticking point. While he was unable to take a test, thus unable to actually pass or fail one…some athletic commissions report a missed test as a failed test. This is the case in at least one major US sport (baseball), where if you are due to test at a certain day and time, and do not comply, it can and will be treated as a failed test.

Now, if that is the case with WWE’s own Wellness Policy is not immediately clear. If that is how WWE interpreted things, however, then they should clarify that by noting that Colon didn’t get suspended for a failed test, but rather for a test he was, for whatever reason, unable to take as required.

It might seem like an argument over semantics, but one is a failure because you were using something, while the other is a failure because of a scheduling conflict (possibly, anyways).