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It’s been a difficult year for the British royal family with various scandals rocking them to their core. Between the family tensions with Prince Harry and Prince Andrew’s scandal, the royal family has dominated 2019 headlines for all of the wrong seasons. Now, sources say that Queen Elizabeth, 93, is having “a very difficult time” dealing with the various scandals behind the scenes. So what will go into the Queen’s Christmas Message this year?

Queen Elizabeth Struggling To Pen Accomplishments

The royals have had their most chaotic year in quite some time. First, there is the growing rift between Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and the entire rest of the royal family.  Then there is Prince Andrew’s sex scandal and friendship with the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

That’s why this latest update on the Queen’s condition comes as no surprise. A source told royal expert Katie Nicholl that the Queen is suffering from writer’s block when it comes to penning her Christmas day speech.

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The Queen’s Christmas Message

The Queen’s Christmas Message, formally known as Her Majesty’s Most Gracious Speech, has been a tradition ever since the days of the Queen’s grandfather King George V, and it’s one that Queen Elizabeth II takes extremely seriously.

The speech traditionally highlights her family’s accomplishments throughout the year.

Fox News reports that after the difficult year she’s had, however, writing this speech is no easy task.

“It’s still at a first-draft stage because of the election, but it probably hasn’t been the easiest speech to write,” the source explained. “It has been a very difficult time behind the scenes, and morale is at a bit of a low.”

The queen’s biographer Sally Bedell Smith said that the monarch has been leaning on her eldest son and heir to the throne Prince Charles. Adding that the pair have been “closer than ever” as they deal with this trying time together.

Prince Andrew Sex Scandal Takes Its Toll On The Queen

Royal Leslie Carroll, author of “Royal Pains: A Rogues’ Gallery of Brats, Brutes, and Bad Seeds,” described the Prince Andrew sex scandal as one of the worst royal scandals of modern history.

Andrew was forced to step down from all royal duties after Virginia Roberts claimed that she was sex trafficked by Epstein and forced to have sex with the royal when she was only 17 years-old. Carroll added that in her old age, this scandal is the last thing the Queen should have to deal with.

“I feel a bit sad that at this stage in her life… the queen can never relax her hands on the reins of the monarchy and completely trust the younger generation to carry on,” Carroll said. “[She] is said to be ‘disappointed’ by Andrew… He’s always been a wild one, but he went off the rails by associating with Epstein, to begin with.”

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“The queen will continue to ‘neither complain nor explain’ because she was raised to do so; and with ‘duty first’ as a core belief,” Carroll added. “[She]… needs to keep the country together as its moral spine, demonstrating the ‘there will always be an England’ sentiment that has kept Britain’s monarchy the longest-running show in history — still going after over a millennium.”

Queen Elizabeth Should Not Be Dealing With These Scandals

As if this wasn’t enough, the Queen’s grandson Harry and his wife Meghan are still separating themselves from the rest of the royal family in a rift that seems to only be getting wider.

It truly is a shame that instead of being able to enjoy her old age, the Queen is being forced to deal with these difficult and embarrassing scandals rocking her family.

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If the Queen has shown anything in her lifetime, it’s that she is one tough cookie who is also a class act. She should not have to deal with these scandals, but if anyone can face them head-on and get her family through them, it’s Queen Elizabeth II.

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