Megan Rapinoe blasted Sports Illustrated for what she called their lack of diversity while accepting their 2019 Sportsperson of the Year award.

Yesterday, we reported that Sports Illustrated had named American soccer star Megan Rapinoe as their 2019 “Sportsperson of the Year.” While accepting the award last night, Rapinoe thanked the publication by publicly blasting the popular sports magazine for what she says is a lack of diversity.

Megan Rapinoe Blasts Sports Illustrated

Rapinoe, who is best known for frequently criticizing both President Donald Trump and America as a whole, took the opportunity to shame Sports Illustrated for violating her rules of political correctness while accepting their prestigious award.

“While we don’t get to choose what it is we witness, we are the gatekeepers of those stories, and we do get to decide how we bear witness to the world around us and to the truth that we see,” Rapinoe said in her speech, according to The Blaze. “Is it true that I am the fourth woman deserving of this award? I don’t think so.”

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She then proceeded to call out Sports Illustrated for what she claims to be a lack of diversity among their writers.

“Is it true that so few writers of color deserve to be featured in this publication? No. Is it true that so few women’s voices deserve to be heard and deserve to be read in this publication? I don’t think so,” said Rapinoe, who made headlines earlier this year for joining Colin Kaepernick in ignoring the national anthem before her games.

Rapinoe Goes After President Trump

Not stopping there, Rapinoe continued to take shots at Sports Illustrated while speaking to reporters at the event.

“Sports Illustrated needs to look at itself and think, ‘what kind of story are we telling our subscribers and are we telling the country about sports in America?” she said. “As a sports news organization, what news are you reporting? There seems to be a heavy bias on the guys.”

Of course, Rapinoe did not let her disdain for Sports Illustrated distract her for long from her all-consuming hatred of President Trump. Months after starting a feud with Trump by saying that she’s “not going to the f—ing White House,” Rapinoe had some choice words about the president at this event as well.

“I think the most important thing is to get that maniac out of the White House,” Rapinoe said.

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Rapinoe Just Loves To Bite The Hand That Feeds Her

Rapinoe is certainly no stranger to biting the hand that feeds her.

One would think that someone who exercises her freedom of speech right as often as Rapinoe does would have some gratitude to the country who affords her that right. But that is not the case at all.

If you ask me, Sports Illustrated never should have given Rapinoe this award in the first place. And I suspect they are regretting that decision now.

This serves as a reminder that radical liberals like Rapinoe will never be satisfied. So it’s pointless to reward them or give into their demands in any way. Sort of like terrorists.

In the end, capitulating to a radical of any kind will only result in you being attacked yourself.

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