Liberals want to ban Christmas Lights citing Climate Change

Liberals are always trying to ban things that “offend” these days in the name of climate change and political correctness. One of their current targets is Christmas lights.

New Poll Reveals Germans Think Christmas Lights Are Toxic To The Environment

A new poll conducted by YouGov found that the majority of people in Germany, an extremely liberal country, would either scale back their Christmas lights or ditch them altogether because of environmental concerns.

If this idea continues to gain momentum among liberals in the “woke” country of Germany, you can bet that American liberals will soon start trying to get rid of Christmas lights as well.

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The poll also found that 11 percent of Germans surveyed would not be using Christmas lights at all this year. Another 10 percent said that they will stop using them in the future.

Germans are currently divided right down the middle on whether there should be less lighting on public streets and building because of climate change concerns. 44 percent are for it, 44 percent against it , and 12 percent saying they don’t know.

This poll is particularly disheartening because the tradition of Christmas lights is believed to have begun in Germany hundreds of years ago in the 16th century. Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, decided at the time to put candles on his family’s Christmas tree to symbolize winter stars shining over German forests in the night.

The tradition has become beloved all over the world in the centuries since. But, paranoia over climate change might now destroy it forever.

British Teacher Bans Christmas Cards Because Climate Change

Panic about climate change is affecting the Christmas spirit in the United Kingdom as well. Daily Mail reported that earlier this month, schoolteacher Jonathan Mason banned his students from sending Christmas cards. He believes Christmas cards are toxic to the environment and contributes to the “ever-growing carbon emissions.”

“I have been approached by a number of children recently who are concerned about the impact of sending Christmas cards on the environment,” Mason said. “Throughout the world, we send enough Christmas cards that if we placed them alongside each other, they’d cover the world’s circumference 500 times. The manufacture of Christmas cards is contributing to our ever-growing carbon emissions.”

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“So in order to be an environmentally friendly in school, we will not be having a post box for Christmas cards from this year onwards,” he continued.

“Instead, can we encourage you to save money and the environment by not sending cards to all of the children in the class individually, but instead if you want to send a card please send one card to the whole class. Teachers can then display the cards in the classroom for everyone to see.”

Liberals Are The Ultimate Grinches

Modern liberals have become the ultimate Grinches.

They are determined suck the fun out of Christmas and everything good in the world. It’s only a matter of time before Christmas lights and cards come under fire in the United States as well.

So, enjoy these holiday traditions in peace while you can. Soon enough, liberals will be out to ruin them for you as well.

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