Jorge Masvidal Says He’ll do Fans a Favor And Make Conor McGregor “Suffer”

Jorge Masvidal isn't booked to fight Conor McGregor yet, but if they ever battle, he believes fans want to see the controversial star pay for some of his recent incidents.

Conor McGregor is booked to fight Donald Cerrone next month at UFC 246, but Jorge Masvidal continues to field questions about throwing hands with the controversial star. Is “Gamebred” distancing himself from all that talk? No. In fact, recently Masvidal argued that fans want to see him make the former champ “suffer”, if and when they fight.

Jorge Masvidal
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Masvidal believes the world wants to see McGregor “suffer”

Due to Masvidal’s awe-inspiring 2019 campaign, and because McGregor recently said he wants to fight the holder of the ‘BMF’ title (which is now Masvidal), talk about the two fighting has spiked. While Masvidal could demand a fight with welterweight champ, Kamaru Usman, he’s made it clear he wants to secure a big money bout, like one with McGregor.

At the same time, Masvidal has repeatedly said that if he fights McGregor, the latter is going to be in a world of trouble. Case in point, while talking to Jim Rome recently, “Gamebred” said this (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He gets melted,” Masvidal. “What the world is looking for him is for him to suffer and get chastised for some of the things that he’s done in public.

“Everybody’s going to feel sorry for him after the fight, I can tell you that much. They’ll forgive him all after the fight I can promise you that. This baptism’s gonna be a little extra for Mr. Conor.”

Does everyone want to see McGregor pay for his various incidents in the cage? It seems pretty clear the Irish star still has a lot of supporters. But, there’s no doubt that a lot of people have soured on the decorated fighter over the last year or so. One thing is certain, if McGregor gets by Cerrone on January 18th, and if he fights Masvidal next, it will be a massive, massive bout.

Masvidal says he’s the “golden ticket”

Speaking of massive bouts, during the interview with Rome, Masvidal also had this to say:

“Obviously, Conor fight is out there, the Mayweather fight is out there, they’re saying they’re bringing him on over to Zuffa Boxing. The Usman fight is out there. I’m the golden ticket at combat sports, especially at at 170 pounds. You can’t move in that weight class without mentioning me or having to ask permission to the mighty Gamebred. And it’s just the truth. I might come off ignorant and arrogant, but I’ve been working my whole life for this, to get to this position where now I can be involved in the biggest fights possible and I can rewrite the history books. Because whoever has the belt when I’m done with Conor, that’s whose head’s getting chopped off.”

Now, some people, particularly boxing pundits might disagree with Masvidal here. But, few can deny that Masvidal’s star has never brighter. Thus, you can understand why the 35-year-old is looking to cash in on his next couple of fights.

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