Jorge Masvidal Claims he Put Colby Covington Through “Trauma” in Training Sessions

Until fairly recently, Colby Covington was referring to Jorge Masvidal as his "best friend", and the latter has an interesting take on why that was the case.

It wasn’t long ago when Colby Covington was still referring to Jorge Masvidal as his best friend, before the two welterweights began trading verbal shots and warnings through the media. Well, as Covington prepares to face champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 245, Masvidal has made some interesting comments about his former pal.

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Masvidal questions why Covington kept calling him his friend

Until fairly recently, Masvidal and Covington appeared to still be on good terms. But, after Covington referred to Masvidal as a “journeyman” (while still calling “Gamebred” his “best friend”), a rivalry, at least a public one, began. Masvidal proceeded to claim that he had in fact, not been on good terms with Covington for a while, since the latter, allegedly, didn’t pay one of their coaches.

Well, fast forward to today, and Masvidal continues to field questions about “Chaos” and their feud. During a recent interview with Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole, Masvidal was asked to comment on Covington’s one-sided, decision win over Robbie Lawler in August. Here’s some of what the ‘BMF’ champ had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“In some aspects, yeah, he threw 500 punches but he never hurt Robbie once. If you’re just doing this cause you got the guy tired from wrestling, I don’t give it credit,” Masvidal said. “Like they always say, it’s so cliché but there’s levels to this. There’s a reason why Colby wouldn’t want the fight. If he could pick guys, he wouldn’t want the fight. There’s a reason why he’s saying we weren’t talking for a year and a half ‘he’s my best friend,’ he was just saying that four weeks ago, five weeks ago that I was his best friend and now all of a sudden I’m his mortal enemy?

“The guy has his wires crossed, especially when it comes to me. He got to train with me a little bit so you can imagine the trauma I put him through.”

Now, the comments about Covington’s win over Lawler will likely raise eyebrows, as the consensus seems to be it was a very, impressive performance by “Chaos”. Not only did he dominate Lawler with his wrestling, Covington showcased some nice combinations as well. But, when you consider Masvidal typically speaks his mind, maybe he wasn’t impressed with what he saw after all.

And did he put Covington through “trauma” in their training sessions? There are likely some people at American Top Team who know.

Masvidal isn’t impressed by Usman either

And what are “Gamebred’s” thoughts on the champ Usman? Well, apparently Masvidal isn’t too impressed with what he’s seen.

“Not at all,” Masvidal said. “I think there’s some things he does well, which is kind of stall. He just gets to a leg and takes guys down. I’m a fan of grappling but I like to see grappling offensively.”

Alright then. Might we see Masvidal face the winner of Usman – Covington next? Recently Masvidal has been talking about fighting Nick Diaz, and there’s a lot of buzz for that fight. But, if Covington beats Usman at UFC 245, Covington vs. Masvidal will likely be discussed.

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