Cindy Lou Who

Poppy Leigh is a 13 year-old girl from Wythenshawe, England who showed up to school just before the holiday with a hairstyle that was full of Christmas cheer. Unfortunately, the Cindy Lou Who inspired look backfired when Poppy’s school principal told her to either get rid of her Christmas hairstyle or go home.

Poppy Wanted To Look Like Cindy Lou Who

According to Fox News, 13-year-old Poppy wanted to look like Cindy Lou Who from the classic Dr. Seuss story “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”. So the girl wrapped her ginger hair around an empty water bottle and then strung in Christmas lights.

Poppy’s principal, however, did not find her hairstyle humorous and called up her mother to tell her that he found the hairdo to be inappropriate.

“She just wanted to make things a bit more exciting,” said Poppy’s mother  Christie.

“It’s just a bit of fun and Christmas cheer” before Poppy goes on Christmas break, the mother added. “I am quite upset really — it’s just bah humbug.”

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Not only was Poppy’s hair a fun look, it was also a project that she had worked on with her mom.

“Poppy is always messing around with her hair. She walked in this morning and said ‘Mum, can I do my hair like this for school? It looks like a Christmas tree,’” said Christie. “She wrapped her hair around an empty bottle of Volvic water and then she asked me to put the lights in for her.”

“Her hair is usually down to her bottom. She refuses to let me cut it,” Christie continued.

Principal Stands By His Christmas Hairstyle Ruling

Principal Kevin Green of the Manchester Health Academy stands by his opinion that the hairstyle was inappropriate.

“The Academy has the highest of expectations around uniform and teaching and learning, and all through this week, staff and students have remained focused on learning,” he said.

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He went on to add that Poppy, who he describes as a “wonderful student,” decided to take out her Christmas hairstyle instead of going home.

While Principal Green was not a fan of the hairstyle, even he could not deny that it was creative.

“[It] was a remarkably creative hairstyle,” said Green.

We Love Poppy’s Hair

We absolutely love Poppy’s look, and we think it’s unfortunate that she had to be disciplined over it.

Why is it that people can’t have fun with Christmas cheer these days without a scandal being created?!

It seems to us that Principal Green needs to lighten up a bit and embrace the Christmas spirit.