The Stanley family from North Carolina creates hilarious "total disaster" photo shoots for their annual Christmas cards using photoshop.

A family from North Carolina has just become viral stars after staging hilarious “total disaster” photo shoots for their annual Christmas cards.

Stanley Family’s Unique Christmas Cards

It all started back in 2013, when Jonathan and Jessica Stanley decided that they wanted to take Christmas photos with their firstborn son Jackson, but everything went wrong.

“After we had our first child, Jessica and I tried to capture a ‘picture perfect’ Christmas card, but it was a total disaster! If one person looked good, the other blinked,” Jonathan explained, according to Fox News.

“If we both had our eyes open, the baby cried. Or the wind-whipped hair in our face. The photo shoot went so poorly that we decided to just send the outtakes as our Christmas card instead, people loved it.”

Some Of The Stanley’s Favorite Cards

The next year, the couple decided to embrace the parodied photos, and Jonathan used Photoshop to “capture the essence of how we felt as parents” at the time. By that point, the Stanleys had welcomed their second son Elijah, and life felt chaotic for them.

“Even though we only had two boys, it felt more like six!” Jonathan said. “So I duplicated our toddler [with Photoshop] all around the house getting into trouble and it really resonated with our friends and family.”

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In the years since then, Jonathan has been using Photoshop to create his family’s hilariously unique cards.

One of their favorites is the card that shows their two boys chopping down a fir tree in their front yard with a chainsaw. Another has Jackson and Elijah running away from home in the family car, heading for the North Pole.

Jonathan and Jessica’s third baby Evelyn made her debut in last year’s card, which showed her brothers “lifting” her with a pole to hang the star on their decorated evergreen.

This year’s card shows Jonathan and Jessica scrambling to “save” Evelyn while she rode on top of a helicopter drone, as directed by her big brothers, who flew the device and acted like Santa-chic air traffic controllers.

All Credit Goes To Photoshop

Jonathan and Jessica have no regrets about sharing their cards publicly.

“We decided to start sharing them publicly because we hope other parents will enjoy them just as much – and go a bit easier on their kids at Christmas!” he said.

Jonathan wants the world to know that the “dangerous” moments highlighted in the family’s Christmas cards are created in Photoshop, which he made sure to thank for making all of this possible.

“As a child, my favorite comic strip was Calvin and Hobbes – so I think that had a big influence on my Christmas cards,” he said.

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