Friends of rapper Juice WRLD accuse police of 'racial profiling' in TMZ story

Rapper Juice WRLD died over the weekend after suffering a seizure at Chicago’s Midway airport. The cause of the seizure remains unknown. However, that didn’t stop the rapper’s friends from taking the opportunity to use his death to bash police with a racial profiling story on the popular gossip site TMZ.

Juice WRLD’s Untimely Death

The Chicago-based rapper celebrated his 21st birthday one week prior to his death.

NBC News reported that he swallowed “several unknown pills” before authorities searched Juice WRLD’s bags and his private jet. The search uncovered 70 pounds of marijuana and six bottles of prescription codeine cough syrup.

TMZ sources said the rap superstar planned to have a big 21st birthday bash on Sunday night. This might explain the jaw-dropping amount of drugs found.

So how do the police and racial profiling get brought into the public conversation? Your guess is as good as mine but here’s what went down.

Juice WRLD’s Final Flight

On the flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, the rapper was in good spirits as the videos in the two tweets below.

After that final flight and the rapper’s untimely death, his friends apparently had more important things to talk about in an interview with TMZ.

TMZ Runs ‘Racial Profiling’ Story

While the rapper clearly did not die from a violent interaction with police, the focus of an article published on TMZ is how Juice WRLD’s friends are ‘pissed off’ that this young black rapper was ‘racially profiled’ by police.

In the article, the police are accused of profiling the rapper because he was a young black man who flew on private jets. I’m sure that any interest in the prolific rapper by law enforcement was totally unrelated to his past drug-related incidents and party lifestyle …

From TMZ:

Juice WRLD has a history with drugs. When people break the law, they risk running into law enforcement. That happens no matter what the color of your skin is.

This is not a valid reason to bash police or incite racial divide, yet that is exactly what happened.

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Respect Life

Our police officers put their lives on the lives to protect us yet they are often blamed for things that are well beyond their control. They are only enforcing laws.

Juice WRLD’s friends should be mourning their loss. Not portraying him as a victim, or using his death to create anti-cop rhetoric.

That makes this story all the more tragic on so many levels.

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