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Over the past few years, a war on Christmas has been waged in the United States by liberals who are obsessed with political correctness. Now, Eric and Lara Trump are declaring a key victory in this war, arguing that President Donald Trump has finally won it. Americans can now say ‘Merry Christmas!’ again.

Eric And Lara Declare Victory In The War On Christmas

Eric and Lara made the declaration during an interview with Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro at Trump Tower, which the television personality described as the “New York White House.”

Pirro then praised the couple, saying that they have “done wonderful things for the country” and adding that President Trump had ended political correctness. She also said that thanks to him, people can say “Merry Christmas” once again.

“You can say Merry Christmas again,” Lara said. “Isn’t that so nice, Jeanine?”

“It’s incredible,” Eric Trump said. “It is nice to say Merry Christmas again.”

Judge Jeanine Praises The Trump Family

“I love it. I love Christmas trees. I love Santa over here,” Pirro said. “I mean, you know, how do you feel that your father has done all of that, Eric?”

“It’s incredible. It is nice to say Merry Christmas again,” Eric explained. “And it is a beautiful thing to celebrate all the holidays with beautiful little kids like this. I mean, this is what America is all about, and this is what the American dream is all about. And, you know, this is why we have an incredible country, because we can sit there with the Santa Clause and with beautiful trees and eat ice cream and open presents and love one another and you know, and see little ones grow. And it’s the best of this nation, and I’m proud of him for reinvigorating so much of it.”

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Lara Trump Reveals Her Wish For The New Year

Later in the interview, Lara revealed her wish for the new year.

“Listen, my wish for the new year is that we can all come together as one,” she said. “You know, we are Americans. We’re all in this fight together. It’s about our country and whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, whether you voted for the president or not. This is our country, and we all have to fight for it. And let’s come together and do things that are going to make a difference for people in a really positive way. I think that would be my wish.”

The war on Christmas has gone way too far, and we applaud the Trumps for getting it under control. Thanks to them, we really can say “Merry Christmas” again!

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