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Eddie Murphy’s return to Saturday Night Live after a 35-year hiatus earned tremendous applause.

But, Bill Cosby was not among those laughing.

The spokesman for the convicted former comedian issued a harsh rebuke, referring to Murphy as a “slave.”

Eddie Murphy’s Return To “Saturday Night Live”

Murphy is an old-school style comedian. He makes fun of everyone, including himself.

So, of course he told a joke at Cosby’s expense.

The last time Murphy was on SNL, Cosby was at his peak of his career.

Now Cosby is in jail and Murphy is back hosting SNL.

Cosby was convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and molesting Temple University staffer Andrea Constand and is now serving three to 10 years in jail.

BACKSTORY: Bill Cosby’s Sentencing

“If you would have told me 30 years ago that I would be this boring, stay-at-home house dad and Bill Cosby would be in jail, even I would have took that bet,” Murphy said in his opening monologue, which can be seen in the tweeted video below.


This did not sit well with Bill Cosby’s team.

His spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, called Murphy’s jokes about Cosby “disparaging.”

Apparently, Wyatt hasn’t come to terms with the fact that his client is indeed guilty and his charade as “America’s Dad” is definitely over.

“One would think that Mr. Murphy was given his freedom to leave the plantation, so that he could make his own decisions; but he decided to sell himself back to being a Hollywood Slave,” Wyatt’s statement said.

Bill Cosby’s Crimes

There is a lot of irony in these words as it is Bill Cosby who is behind bars while Eddie Murphy is jumpstarting his own career.

Wyatt further dug Cosby’s proverbial grave by saying his client, who drugged women and raped them, humanized all people while Murphy rips people down.

The average person understands that jokes are harmless fun while raping women is not. Bill Cosby is a pretty sensitive man who can’t even take a joke.

“Remember, Mr. Murphy, that Bill Cosby became legendary because he used comedy to humanize all races, religions and genders; but your attacking Mr. Cosby helps you embark on just becoming click bait,” Wyatt’s statement said continued.

The public was likely to forget Murphy’s mention of Cosby as the rest of the show was outstanding.

But, the vicious retort from Cosby’s team has put his crimes front in center.

Murphy previously stated that Cosby has reprimanded him for using dirty language.

Bill Cosby finds bad words offensive but believes it’s acceptable to drug and rape women. Yet Bill tried to present himself as a martyr and superior to Murphy all while he was a predator.

Murphy’s return to “Saturday Night Live” included much more than a joke about Bill Cosby.

It was jam packed with lots of hilarious material.

In the “Home For The Holidays” skit, Murphy reminds us how we have painful it can be to put on a smile during Christmas when you are surrounded by family 24/7.

Watch it below:

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