Eddie Murphy Bucks Cancel Culture In His Return To Stand-Up Comedy

Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy refuses to bow to cancel culture in his upcoming 2020 standup return. And will not be apologizing for any of his jokes.

Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy blasted cancel culture as he prepares for his 2020 return to stand-up comedy. Murphy says comedians should not have to apologize for jokes and applauds Dave Chappelle defying the PC police with his edge. The “Coming to America” star doesn’t want to “eggshell” it during his 2020 tour.

Eddie Murphy Slams “Forced Apologies” & Cancel Culture

Murphy told the Associated Press that there is a backlash among comedians against forced apologies.

“It’s almost like there was this thing where for the last couple years, people had to apologize for saying this and that,” Murphy explained. “It seems like I’m seeing a couple comics going ‘You know what? Enough of this shit. I’m doing my thing and let the chips fall where they may.'”

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“That’s where I’m coming from,” he continued. “I’m not planning to step on nobody’s foot or get in some controversy or turn over the applecart. I’m just going to be Eddie. Whatever comes out, that’s what it’s going to be.”

Murphy Praises Dave Chappelle For Telling Non-PC Jokes

Murphy went on to praise Dave Chappelle for continuing to make edgy jokes even in our PC-obsessed culture. He has respect for his fellow comedian’s refusal to bow to cancel culture.

“I want to see what’s in me. I want to see what comes out. And I see what’s going on, so I know there are parameters. You’ve got to eggshell it in certain areas,” Murphy said. “(Dave) Chappelle has some new stuff out that’s edgy, and I see a couple of other comics doing stuff that’s edgy.”

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Murphy is making his return to stand-up comedy next year with both a tour and a Netflix special after stepping away from it two decades ago amidst protests over his 1980s stand-up act. The backlash against his routine was so bad that Murphy had to release a statement apologizing for making jokes about AIDs. [Read More: Eddie Murphy Is Returning To Stand-Up Comedy]

“I wasn’t getting the kick that I would usually get from it. I started feeling like there’s a pressure. People had an expectation,” Murphy said. “A lot of it was controversial. I’d get picketed. They started being on my act. If I said something it would be in the newspaper. I just wanted to tell some jokes. They were reading too much into it. I was like, You know what? How about I just go do ‘Dr. Doolittle.’”

Murphy Has Never Stopped Being A Comedian

Murphy said he never stopped being a comedian despite not having done stand-up in decades.

“The muscle that always came up with jokes, I never stopped using that muscle,” Murphy said. “At the core, I’m a funny person. I’m a funny guy.”

Cancel culture has gone way too far at this point, so we need more comedians like Murphy to stand up to PC-obsessed liberals by continuing to tell jokes that some would call “offensive.” It’s time for people to lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously, especially when it comes to comedy.

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