Robert De Niro Loses It In Interview Calling Trump A ‘Fake President’ And ‘Abusive’

Robert De Niro Donald Trump

Robert De Niro can’t even get a break from his Trump Derangement Syndrome to promote his latest movie, “The Irishman.” He took his time on “Late Night With Stephen Colbert” to alienate potential conservative movie watchers by once again insulting Donald Trump by calling him a “fake president” among other things.

Watch the video below:

De Niro and Trump

Right at the beginning of the interview, Colbert openly invited the hot-headed actor to bash our Republican president for the left-wing audience. De Niro immediately forgot that he was there to promote the movie and took Colbert up on the invitation. RELATED: Joker Actor Robert De Niro Lashes Out at President Trump: He’s a “Relentless and Unrepentant, Lying Scumbag”

“To me, it’s more than heartbreaking, it’s a really, really serious situation we’re in,” De Niro whined about Hillary Clinton losing the presidency. “I don’t want to bring people down but … it’s a serious situation.”

De Niro then marginalized people who live in actual abusive households by comparing having Trump in the White House as abusive.

“It’s like living in an abusive household. You don’t know what’s going to happen next, what crazy thing is going to happen next, what’s going to make you say, ‘ what the hell is going on?’”

This actor must have had a cakewalk of life if he thinks living with record unemployment and a booming economy is abusive. It’s pretty apparent that he is the one who doesn’t know what is going on and lives in an ivory tower. De Niro then was greeted with thunderous applause after calling Donald Trump a “fake president.”

The actor then attempted to be a psychologist by claiming the President is projecting by calling everything fake. De Niro makes a fortune faking it. He pretends to be someone he is not for millions of dollars. He fails to understand that he is an actual faker.

“Well, he calls everything ‘fake’ because he knows he’s fake. So he’s projecting all the time,” De Niro whined. “Somewhere deep down, I don’t wanna get all psychological, but that really is what I feel it is.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome

De Niro just can’t help himself. He slams Donald Trump at every opportunity. He is walking proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious diagnosis. RELATED: Joker’s Robert De Niro: Martin Scorsese Thinks Donald Trump Will Start A War To Stay In Office

I would love to see a live feed of Robert De Niro’s temper tantrum the night that Donald Trump wins re-election. It’s going to happen and Hollywood leftists like Robert De Niro’s heads will explode.