Wyoming Police Officer & US Army Vet Jacob Carlson


Police Officer Shot 9 Times Now Being Sued By Family Of Criminal Who Shot Him

The Wyoming police officer, a US Army Vet, was forced to retire from his injuries. Now the family of the man who critically injured him wants a payday.

Do you ever feel like we live in an upside down world? If so, I have a story for you: the family of a man who shot and critically wounded a Wyoming police officer is now suing the officer. The officer, Jacob Carlson of the Casper Police Department, was shot nine times. Carlson is also a proud veteran of the United States Army.

Officer Carlson Responds

Officer Carlson responded to a call about a man who was allowing children as young as three years to drive a car. Rather than obeying the law or minding the safety of those young children and others, David Wolosin shot at Carlson multiple times. Carlson returned fire, shooting and killing Wolosin.

Now, Wolosin’s family has filed a lawsuit against the officers involved, the police department, and the City for the emotional distress the children suffered when they watched as their “loving uncle” was killed.

The lawsuit does not mention that Wolosin rained a hail of bullets at the police officers before he was killed.

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Police Officer’s Injuries From Shooting

Carlson suffered a shattered pelvis, a severed artery in his pelvic area, infections, and nerve damage from the nine bullets inflicted by Wolosin.

His injuries were severe enough to force the young officer to retire from the police department.

The family of the man who shot him doesn’t appear to care that their relative caused lifelong injuries to this hero. Instead, they are looking for a big money grab.

“I have nerve damage basically from my left nipple to my left kneecap and I have foot-drop on my left leg. The surgery killed all the nerves in my leg… I have to wear a brace all the time now to force my leg to do what it should do on its own,” Carlson said about his injuries.

“My heart is suffocating because it has so much scar damage from doing internal CPR on me.”

It is absolutely disgraceful that this brave officer has to deal with being sued by the family of the man. He lost his health and his career. Now the relatives of the man who caused it all want to come for his bank account too.

In addition, being shot in the groin has complicated having children. So Carlson he might never have a family of his own either.

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Dashcam footage

The dashcam video of the confrontation will certainly prove to be a pivotal part of this lawsuit. The police officers have been exonerated. Hopefully this video will help silence the Wolosin family too.

The dashcam video is below. Be advised – the footage is disturbing.

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