Detail baffles police in tragic death of Charles Levin from "Seinfeld" and "The Golden Girls"

Last week, we reported that disturbing details were released about the July discovery of  former “Seinfeld” actor Charles Levin’s body which had been partially consumed by vultures in the Oregon wilderness. Now, focus has shifted to one particular detail about the scene of Levin’s tragic death that has police baffled.

Fox News reported that Levin was reported missing by his son on June 28. The report came after the actor called a friend to say he was lost near Cave Junction, Oregon. Two weeks later, on July 13, Levin’s nude, partially-eaten body was found in a slope off the road.

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Police Baffled By Levin’s Death

The one detail about Levin’s death that has baffled police is his car. The Police can’t figure out how Levin’s orange Fiat made it so far down the desolate mountain road in a rural part of Oregon.

Officials reported that there are numerous fallen trees in the area, making the road extremely difficult to navigate.

In fact, the Fiat was reportedly found four miles from the closest paved road. The area where the car was found is so hard to traverse that even rescue workers had to ditch their own vehicles a quarter of a mile away and walk to area with Levin’s Fiat.

Emergency workers even saw one of their own ATVs suffer significant damage while trying to get down the same road so they could reach the Fiat.

“I would have never thought the Fiat would have been able to make any progress down this section of the roadway,” the police report said, adding that the car was found stuck on “mounds of earthen material.”

Police Locate Levin’s Fiat

When police finally arrived at the Fiat, they found that it had also been damaged. The car had a broken mirror and dents that officials believe came from hitting trees.

Officers also observed that the area around the front tires of the Fiat are “disturbed” in a way that suggested someone tried to free the car from its confinement.

Police believe that Levin got his car stuck and left to try and get help on foot, only to become disoriented and eventually succumb to the elements.

They have ruled out foul play and suicide and officially labelled his death as accidental.

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Forever Immortalized on Screen

Learning that Charles Levin met such a tragic end is diffuclt for anyone to process. Especially those closest to the beloved actor.

One small comfort is that their loved one will be forever immortalized on screen thanks to several memorable roles in now syndicated series.

Levin was a character actor who was arguably best known for playing a mohel (a person who performs circumcisions in the Jewish faith) on “Seinfeld” in the beloved episode “The Bris.”

He also played the recurring role of Eddie Gregg on “Hill Street Blues” from 1982 to 1986. As well as the recurring role of Elliott Novak on “Alice” from 1983 to 1985, and Coco on “The Golden Girls” (a personal favorite).

You can watch all 9 seasons of “Seinfeld”, all 7 seasons of “The Golden Girls”, and catch the 1980’s classic “Hill Street Blues” on Hulu. “Alice” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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