Nate Diaz Tells The MMA World “Peace Out”, Says Rematch With Jorge Masvidal Won’t Happen

After UFC 244, Nate Diaz reported that if a rematch with Jorge Masvidal didn't happen, he would likely return to the sidelines. Well, it looks like that could indeed be happening.

It wasn’t long before Nate Diaz was driving for an immediate rematch after his recent bout with Jorge Masvidal had concluded. In fact, at the time, Diaz said if a rematch didn’t get booked, it could be a while before we see the Stockton star fight again. Well, fast forward to today, and Diaz has informed the fight game he’s out…

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Diaz’s push for a rematch

Diaz started calling for an immediate rematch shortly after the UFC 244 headline was called, as a result of a large cut Diaz had over his right eye. Although the consensus is that Masvidal won the first three rounds of their highly anticipated fight, Diaz argued he was coming on in the third and that he would have won if the bout hadn’t been stopped. As a result, Diaz said he wanted to run it back with Masvidal immediately, and the latter said he would sign-on. Dana White, however, sounded less convinced that an immediate rematch should transpire.

Diaz turns heads with new social media post

Well, in more recent days, we haven’t really heard much about whether anything was happening on the Masvidal – Diaz II front. But, more recently, Diaz posted the image and comment below on Instagram (warning: explicit language):

F-ck a rematch this sh-t was over before it started
I’m goin on out on tour
Peace out fight game

There’s a couple of things to consider here. First, this could be a negotiating tactic by Diaz, as a way to pressure the UFC into booking a rematch with Masvidal. After UFC 244, Diaz warned he would return to the sidelines if a rematch wasn’t booked, and he also made it clear he was concerned the promotion wouldn’t grant him his wish.

But, when you consider White didn’t jump on board with the idea of an immediate rematch, and that others have argued a do-over isn’t really necessary, this could point to another hiatus for Diaz. That would be really unfortunate if that happens. But, as we’ve seen in the past, Diaz calls his own shots. This is why we didn’t see him fight for three years after he rematched Conor McGregor in August, 2016.

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