While promoting her appearance in an upcoming Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, Kathie Lee Gifford praised the network for making films for Americans who are “not offended by faith.”

At a time when the entertainment industry dubs virtually every reference to Christianity “offensive,” the Hallmark Channel’s faith-based Christmas films are a welcome respite from the negativity.

Gifford Praises Hallmark Channel

Gifford talked about her new Hallmark Christmas movie A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love on “Fox & Friends.” On the show, she remarked that Hallmark is filling a void in the entertainment world with their faith-based content.

Here she is on Fox & Friends:

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“Hallmark, they’re just geniuses over there. They know what America is missing and they’re missing out on wholesome, beautiful stories,” Gifford said. “The difference in our movies is that our movies are true. These things really happened to real people. We’re grateful that Hallmark came to understand that there’s a huge demographic out there that is not offended by faith. They embrace it, they’ve been waiting for it.”

Gifford on Her New Christmas Movie

Gifford explained that the movie she will be appearing in is based on a series of books called “Godwink” and what that word means.

“Godwink is when some people say, ‘well, that’s a coincidence.’ But when you’re a person of faith and you believe in a sovereign God, there is no coincidence. In fact, there’s no word in the Hebrew [language] for coincidence, they don’t exist. God is either sovereign or it’s not,” Gifford said.

“So, a Godwink is when the divine and the human connect, and it’s a reminder that God sees us, he loves the individual,” she added. “He sees us and is actively involved in our lives. So we’re taking these real-life stories in all of these books and making them into films for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel.”

Take a look at the movie trailer:

Gifford Left ‘Today’ To Make Movies

Gifford left the “Today” show after 11 years to focus on spending more time with her family and devoting herself to making movies.

“That’s always been that dream in me to do movies, so I wrote a movie last year,” Gifford said in April. “We’re looking for the right distributor right now.”

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She wrote a short music film that was also faith based called The God Who Sees that was released earlier in this year.

It’s refreshing to see a star like Gifford devote her time to making and promoting faith-based projects. We would love to see more stars like her start working with the Hallmark Channel in helping the network continue to make movies about good Christian values.

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