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For years, John Cena was the face of the WWE. With a huge following dubbed “The Cenation” and regular championship wins, John Cena made his way to the top of the business.

Like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Cena is now trying to break through in the movie business and he is getting some success in doing so. During a recent interview with Sports IllustratedCena spoke about his wrestling future and if there is any return planned for him in the nearby future.

John Cena Would Give His Life to WWE

WWE John Cena

While it may seem like a dramatic statement, John Cena stated he would give his life to the WWE. Of course, we all know just how much John loves the business. While there are no plans for him to return in the nearby future, he did have this to say.

“I literally give my life, willingly, to WWE. But you shouldn’t be the same person you were yesterday. You should always evolve and grow and change. I want to make sure I still love what I do. I never want to get to the point where I steal your money just to get your money.”

The champion may return occasionally to the ring for major storylines, but it looks like that will be the extent of his involvement in the future.

Cena’s New Movie

Cena fans don’t have to worry about missing out though, because he has a new movie “Playing With Fire” coming out in theatres on Friday. To give you a little taste, we included the trailer for the movie here.

In his latest movie, John Cena plays the role of Jake Carson. He leads several elite firefighters known as smokejumpers. However, the strict rules and regulations he keeps at the firehouse get him into trouble when three rescued children arrive.

John Cena and Keegan-Michael Key

One of the actors Cena is working with is none other than Keegan-Michael Key. Cena has nothing but good words for Key, stating the following about working with him.

“Keegan is the most underrated, under-appreciated actor in Hollywood. People often use the word ‘funny,’ but it doesn’t do him justice. I learned so much from him, and that was not only him spewing out wisdom, but also watching him perform.”

Cena also compared Keegan to Shawn Michaels.

“It was like being in the ring with Shawn Michaels for the first time. Shawn Michaels can make a broomstick look good, so when you’re put with Shawn Michaels, you shut the f— up and you let him do his thing. When you’re put in a scene with Keegan, you let him do his thing and take the moments when you can.”

With his new movie coming out soon, it seems John Cena finally made a successful transition from the wrestling world to the mainstream movie world.

Fans of both movies and wrestling are looking forward to seeing him on the big screen.

Even though Cena has been in movies before, his roles were minor in the past. Or he played a role in one of the WWE movies. Now, he seems to have snagged a major movie part that could boost his career in Hollywood. Even though John Cena is 42 years old, he is showing no signs of stopping.

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