Conor McGregor Orders a “3 Piece With Soda”, Following Jorge Masvidal’s UFC 244 Win

Lately there's been extensive talk that Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor will fight next. But recent comments from the latter, hint the controversial star's looking at Jorge Masvidal.

Following Jorge Masvidal’s win at UFC 244 over Nate Diaz, “Gamebred” repeated his contention that he’ll hurt Conor McGregor if they ever fight. Well, whether McGregor heard those particular comments or not is unclear. But, the controversial star recently teased on Twitter he wants to fight the ‘BMF’ champ.

Conor McGregor
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Masvidal’s post-fight comments about McGregor

As you surely know, on Saturday, Masvidal earned a TKO win at UFC 244, after the doctor ruled Diaz could not continue into round four due to a massive cut over his right eye. Plenty of people objected to the doctor’s decision, and there’s been calls for an immediate rematch.

But, in addition to that, Masvidal was also asked about the possibility of fighting McGregor. Although initially Dana White said he wasn’t interested in that match-up, since McGregor isn’t a true welterweight, more recently he floated it as a possibility. After UFC 244, Masvidal blasted McGregor, and warned that he’ll seriously hurt “that little guy”.

McGregor’s tweets

Well, since UFC 244 went down, McGregor tweeted out the words below. If you don’t know, it’s a reference to a comment Masvidal made earlier this year, after his highly publicized, backstage incident with Leon Edwards.

Hey @BurgerKing
, could I get a 3 piece with soda and a side chicken box please? Loads of salt and vinegar. Thanks

Now sure. None of this means that McGregor is in fact serious about fighting Masvidal. It’s also kind of interesting that he didn’t include Jorge in the tweet directly. But, obviously the timing is very interesting.

McGregor also tweeted out this:

Excellent job Greg. Robbed of a classic there we were.
Cutmen in the corner must be more assertive when a fighter must stay still. Between rounds 1 and 2 a crucial moment of repair was missed due to movement.
Either way, solid fighting and onto the next… Me.

So, is that a call for a rubber match with Diaz? Or for a bout with Masvidal? It will be interesting to see what happens. Especially since recently White said the UFC is trying to book a bout between McGregor and Donald Cerrone for January 18th. There’s likely no way either Diaz or Masvidal would be ready to fight on that card.

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