climate change activists in London

Commuters in London have had enough and aren’t taking it anymore. Climate change activists attempted to disrupt metro train service on Thursday. However, people trying to get to and from work physically removed the protestors from the top of the train.

Commuters v. Climate Change Activists

Disrupting commutes is the latest tactic of climate change activists. And they’ve been doing it for months in the U.K.

Now, British workers are fed up.

Katie Hopkins, a British newspaper columnist catapulted to fame after her appearance on “The Apprentice” in 2007, gave kudos to the everyday people of London for standing up to the bullying activists.

Activist group Extinction Rebellion chose the wrong station to shut down by jumping on top of stopped trains. And when one activist boarded a car, commuters unceremoniously forced them out.

Angry commuters didn’t stop there. Some threw plastic bottles at the activists to halt their antics. Regardless, two train lines got suspended temporarily.

And it’s not just U.K. workers getting hosed by climate change activists.

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Commuting Nightmares in the U.S.

London isn’t the only major metropolis affected. In fact, commuters in the Washington D.C. area struggled to get to work two Fridays in a row last month.

However, the attempt to “Shutdown D.C.” over climate change looked more pathetic than impressive. And people like perennial protester Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda made the news when police arrested her.

The supposed environmentalists also tipped over dumpsters filled with trash and lit them on fire. I’m pretty sure that’s not good for the Earth.

And the ridiculous spectacles included confetti littering the ground. Environmentally conscious? I think not.

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When these are the images of your cause, how do they expect to be taken seriously? They’re merely showing everyone on an international scale that they aren’t serious.

And attaching themselves to the Green New Deal, which is a ludicrous proposal in practicality alone, proves their cause as more about social justice than climate change.

Will Activists Get the Hint?

The question now is whether or not climate change activists get the hint. Upsetting the average worker isn’t making anyone sympathetic.

Extinction Rebellion’s spokesperson, Howard Rees, even acknowledged the tactic wasn’t great.

“Was it the right thing to do? I am not sure. I think we will have to have a period of reflection. It is too early to say.”

Perhaps they should’ve reflected before angering everyone.

My Take

These climate change activists don’t care about workers trying to get to their jobs and earn needed paychecks to support their families.

Extinction Rebellion recently shut down a London meat market, which cost workers a full day’s pay.

But, there’s hope if regular folks start pushing back like these London commuters did.

How climate change activists think angering the average worker helps them is illogical. And the more people get fed up and tell them to take a hike; the less their message gets out.

Let’s hope no one ends up getting hurt by their foolish antics.