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Conservatives demonstrated their voting prowess once again as Sean Spicer advanced to the next round on “Dancing With The Stars.” The former White House Press Secretary Spicer gives credit to conservative Americans for getting him the votes he needed. It’s encouraging to see conservatives exercising those voting muscles in advance of 2020!

Spicer Thanks Conservatives For Voting

In an interview with Breitbart, Spicer said that conservatives sent a message to hateful liberals by voting him through the first elimination of the show.

“We made it last week, because your listeners and the people who listen to Breitbart radio, who read the stories at, came out huge,” Spicer told Breitbart. “I cannot tell you how grateful and humbled I am by the number of people who took the time to text, and click on that stuff.”

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Spicer went on to talk about the message conservatives send to liberals when they vote for him.

“You can’t explain how it feels when you’re up there, and you know that you’ve been boycotted, and people have said that I should be kicked off the show because they don’t want to hear this voice,” Spicer explained. “To know the people at Breitbart Nation took the time to go out there and text and click, it truly is something that we did together.”

“I think we sent a big message because clearly – as anyone who watches the show saw – I’m not the most gifted dancer in the world,” he added, showcasing his humble attitude. “I can’t thank you and everyone at Breitbart Nation enough for coming out.”

Spicer Responds To Liberal Boycotts

Ever since ABC named the cast of the current season of the reality TV dance competition, liberals have been calling for boycotts of the entire network until Spicer is thrown off the show. Spicer has managed to stay strong in the face of this unrelenting hate from the left. He refuses to let liberals ruin this experience for him.

“This has been a fun experience. It’s been enjoyable. But I think it’s also important that people don’t get to just shout down people on the right and don’t get to say that we get boycotted and can’t participate. We go out there. We elected a president last time, we believe in certain things and I know the people at Breitbart – who read Breitbart, have listened to it – care about this country.”

“We may not – we clearly don’t agree with the folks on the left, but I think to be told that we don’t have a voice is exactly the way that you described it. They tried to dismiss us last cycle. They tried to kick us out of restaurants. They tried to say we’re not allowed to go on shows and so to see that kind of support– and that’s obviously what carried us through.”

Spicer added, “there are a lot of folks on the left that don’t believe that people on the right have a place in their society.” Citing the protests in which prominent conservatives like Sarah Sanders and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were forced out of restaurants just for having views that are on the right.

“So for us to go out there and show folks that we have a bunch of people in this country who are with us – and those are all your listeners and your subscribers and leaders– that sends a message to them,” he said.

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Conservatives Must Keep Voting

Spicer said that the more weeks that he manages to survive on the show, the more liberals will have to accept the fact that conservatives DO have a voice in this country.

“Once it starts happening – if I keep going forward – it makes them realize, ‘Well wait a second. Who the heck are these people who are voting for Spicer?’ And it’s the same thing from the last election. Who are these deplorables who went out in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Iowa? That wasn’t supposed to happen. But it was because – we went and sent a message to folks,” Spicer said. “I know what the left wanted. I know what the oddsmakers thought was going to happen, and when you defy that, we really send a message, and it’s not about me.”

We applaud Spicer for staying strong in the face of such heavy liberal backlash. If you’re a conservative, you know what you need to do! VOTE – VOTE – VOTE. It’s good practice for 2020.

Imagine if Spicer can stick it to liberals by not only staying on the show but winning the entire thing!

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