Sasha Banks

When Sasha Banks left the WWE for her hiatus earlier this year, many believed she would never return to the company. Rumors about her reasons for leaving were rampant for months, until she returned to set the record straight. Now, Sasha Banks has revealed all about her relationship with the WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon since her return.

Sasha Banks Got A Good Contract

Sasha Banks

During an interview with Cool Greg for We Have Cool Friends on YouTube, Sasha Banks divulged it all. She claims that her relationship with Vince McMahon is better than ever, despite her leaving earlier in the year.

“Since I came back, he gave me a really good contract,” Banks stated. “We have this great relationship, because, you know, we talk money. He wants me to make him cool so I’m just helping him with his jokes, we’ll text jokes to each other every single day. He sends me a private jet. He gave me my own bus. I’m just so blessed. I’m probably the first-ever woman to have her own bus.”

Good Personal Relationship

Sasha Banks

Based on Sasha Banks’ statements, she has more than just a good business relationship with Vince McMahon. During the interview, she pointed at the T-shirt she was wearing. The cute T-shirt with the word “Gucci” and her Corgi was a personal gift from Vince. So, it would seem that Vince and Banks are a lot friendlier since her return than most people would have thought.

Sasha Banks

Best Career Moments

WWE Sasha Banks

In addition to her relationship with Vince McMahon, Banks also spoke about her best career moments recently. While there are many moments to choose from, she mentioned that the Women’s Royal Rumble was one of her favorite moments.

“Just knowing how much faith they had in me to be in there that long for the first-ever one, and trying to help lead the girls, I felt really accomplished that they put that faith and trust in me. I felt like I could be part of this place forever. I just felt like they really do appreciate my work.”

During the interview, Sasha Banks also mentioned she would love another all women’s pay-per-view. While there have been rumors about another Evolution event, the WWE has held off on organizing another one. But nothing is set in stone.

Sending a Signal to Crown Jewel

With the WWE holding another Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, it certainly would not hurt to organize an all women’s event. After all, women are not allowed to wrestle in Saudi Arabia at the moment. Holding another Evolution pay-per-views sends a signal to Saudi Arabia, but it seems management is not really interested.

If another Evolution is organized in the nearby future, Banks is bound to play a major part in it. After all, it is believed she will take the Raw Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell. Since Becky is expected to go to SmackDown, Sasha could be the one to rule Raw.

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