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“Grown-Ups” star Rob Schneider called out 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris for her “unAmerican” anti-free speech comments on CNN. He took to Twitter to spotlight the danger and hypocrisy of the 2020 hopeful’s call to censor the President.

The actor and comedian was a lifelong Democrat until he saw how Democrats were ruining California and and switched to the Republican party in 2013. The raucous “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” lead took exception to Harris’ advocating for the suspension of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Rob Schneider on Censoring Trump

“Government officials asking corporations to sensor people is grossly unAmerican,” Schneider tweeted in reaction to Harris. “Free Speech is to protect not just the speech you like but also the speech you find abhorrent. @KamalaHarris you are either for ALL of it or NONE of it.”

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Freedom of Speech

Following a tweet-storm from Pres. Trump, Sen. Harris was asked what she thinks about it.

“Frankly, when you look at what he’s been tweeting today, directed at the whistleblower, directed at so many people, I frankly, think that based on this and all we’ve seen him do before, including attacking members of Congress that frankly his Twitter account should be suspended,” Sen. Harris said on Monday.

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Twitter is a private company and therefore there is no constitutional free speech violation in de-platforming someone. Twitter also has published terms of service, which they say the president has not violated.

However, Sen. Harris’ sentiment is certainly un-American in the spirit of America’s free speech values. Rob Schneider nailed it.

The fact that she thinks it’s appropriate for an elected official to advocate that a public platform censor or remove another elected official is telling.

Over the summer, Harris got a lot of people balking when she declared that if elected she’s only giving Congress so much time to act.

If they don’t pass gun control legislation in her timeframe, a President Harris would simply pull an Obama. Picking up her pen and her phone to make an end-run around Congress.

‘Kamala Harris Is a cop’

Harris’ instinct of embracing presidential overreach in favor of stepping on other people’s freedoms is classic Kamala Harris.

One of the many sticking points Sen. Harris has to answer for in California is her overzealousness as a state prosecutor.

The Twitter hashtag “KamalaHarrisIsACop” started long before her presidential run. And it speaks to the many frivolous prosecutions she pursued against Californians.

In fact, Harris’ past as a state’s attorney is so prolific and well-known, Rob Scheider’s alma mater “Saturday Night Live” lampoons her for it.

As one of Kamala Harris’ constituents, Rob Schneider has more standing than most to call out Harris for her reflexive squashing of American values. Silencing voices should never be the message perpetuated by an elected official – especially a senator or president.

If only more in Hollywood were more like Rob Schneider.

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