The talk show host and Food Network star described her new book "Rachael Ray 50" as "an ode to being an American" in an emotional appearance on "The View".

Daytime talk show host Rachael Ray got emotional during an appearance on “The View” this week. The popular Food network star gushed about how grateful she is to be an American when discussing what inspired her book, “Rachael Ray 50.”

“A Grateful American”

Fox News reported that while appearing on the show to promote her new book “Rachael Ray 50,” she began to tear up as she explained that her latest literary work is more than just a simple collection of recipes that fans have come to expect from her.

“This is totally different, it’s not just a cookbook, it’s a scrapbook,” Ray said.

“It’s kind of like a mini-memoir of my life. I wrote it because I wanted to celebrate all of the wonderful opportunities — I’m going to cry — that I’ve had in my life and I wanted to prove to people that anybody could be Rachael Ray. If you’re an American, the American Dream is still alive.”

“It’s a love story. It’s an ode to being an American. A grateful American,” she continued. “A grateful American waitress and food professional.”

One Twitter user summed up our feelings on Ray’s sentimental speech quite perfectly:

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Rachael Ray’s Life Story

Ray’s life story epitomizes the American dream because it is a classic rags to riches tale.

The 51 year old grew up working in her family’s restaurants in New York. She eventually developed her own cooking brand and became a celebrity chef.

From there, she’s become an iconic television personality who loves promoting quick and easy meals designed to help American chefs who have limited time to cook.

“Rachael Ray 50” Is About Hard Work

While appearing on “The View,” Ray added that her book is about working hard as an American and then reaping all of the benefits this country has to offer.

“It’s all these fun episodes from my life,” Ray said. “I write about Italy. I write about being the most awkward celebrity in the world.”

“But in the end, it’s supposed to just be kind of a big hug and a celebration of if [you] work hard and you’re grateful for it — and you make some good cheese grits — good things can happen.”

According to Ray, she gets her appreciation for hard work honestly. Here Ray credits her mother in 2013 for inspiring both her work ethic and genuinely cheery disposition:

Sadly, it’s rare to see a celebrity in the entertainment world praising America in any way these days. In addition, the modern left has made bashing America “cool” and “hip.” And, at the same time portraying any form of patriotism as “lame” and even “offensive.”

Given the fact that the entertainment industry is run by liberals, most celebrities have followed suit by refraining from praising our country.

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My Take: We Are Lucky To Be Americans

It was refreshing to hear such a pro-America speech by a non-polarizing celebrity on “The View.”

The reality is that as Americans, we are all extremely lucky to live in a country that provides us with as much as the United States does.

We applaud Ray for taking the time to remind Americans how grateful we should all be for everything that this country has to offer us.

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