Kanye and Kim Kardashian make family changes after Kanye's conversion to Christianity

Kanye West is taking his conversion to Christianity seriously. He wants his family to follow suit. His wife, Kim Kardashian, made her fortune in large part by dressing provocatively. Now, Kanye wants that to stop because he claims it is affecting his soul.

The rapper received a lot of backlash after making this statements and now he’s setting the record straight.

Kanye, Kim Kardashian, And Social Media

“Social media prompts women, in particular, to put out content that they wouldn’t in the past,” West stated.

“When I was younger and I wanted to see something like that I had to pay someone who was older … Now I have friends who have kids in high school and it’s readily available.”

“Like the corset, underwear, all that vibe, I just feel like I just went through this transition of being rapper, and lookin’ at all these girls,” the newly converted Christian rapper said.

“And then looking at my wife like, ‘Oh, my girl needs to be just like these other girls, showing her body off, showing this, showing that’… I didn’t realize that that was affecting my soul and my spirit as someone that’s married and loved, the father of what’s about to be four kids. A corset is a form of underwear. It’s hot. It’s like, it’s hot for who though?”

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Kanye told Kim that as his husband, he felt her pictures were “too sexy” and he no longer felt they were appropriate given his new spiritual journey. But, like any relationship, sometimes each person is in different place in their journey.

“You built me up to be a sexy person and have confidence!,” Kim told Kanye. “Just because you’re on a journey and you’re in a transformation, doesn’t mean I’m in the same spot with you.” RELATED: How Kanye Became Christian And Champions the Republican Vote

No Makeup For Kim Kardashian And Kanye’s Daughter

Kim isn’t the only family member Kanye wants to have a wardrobe change. He now is forbidding his oldest daughter North, who is 6, from wearing makeup and crop tops.

“I don’t think North should wear crop tops just because I had her wearing a slip dress when she was 2 years old,” Kanye said in an Apple Music Beats interview.

“I think and feel differently now, now that I’m Christian, now that I’m [the] founder of a $3 billion organization and married for five years.”

Kim has confirmed that North has been “blocked” by her father from wearing makeup until she is a teenager.

This is a massive change for the Kardashian West family!

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