A look at Felicity Huffman's new life in federal prison Dublin, CA

Yesterday, we reported that former “Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman had officially started her 14-day prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California (FCI Dublin) for her role in the college admissions scandal. Now, new details have emerged about what prison life is like for her.

Huffman’s Prison Routine

Daily Mail reported that Huffman, who is now known as inmate No. 77806-112, is currently sharing a room as well as an open toilet with three other inmates at FCI Dublin.

Felicity Huffman's new life in Federal Prison in Dublin, CA

FCI Dublin [photo credit: bop.gov]

There, the award-winning 56-year-old actress is expected to make her bed by 6:30am, make do with three pairs of underwear, and survive on just one roll of toilet paper.

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FCI Dublin Is Known For Being Cushy

Though this is a far cry from the A-list lifestyle that Huffman is used to, you should not feel too sorry for her, as her prison has been nicknamed “Chateau Dublin” due to the fact that it was once named as one of the ten cushiest prisons in the United States.

Residents of Dublin even refer to the prison as “Club Fed.” The prison it known for its cool ocean breeze and floor-to-ceiling windows that don’t have bars.

One source revealed that the prison’s lobby, which inmates are allowed to go to whenever they please, has a library and a grand piano. On top of that, prisoners at the facility are allowed to sunbathe at certain times of day!

According to one Twitter user the FCI Dublin handbook even has a section on sunbathing. We wouldn’t want those federal inmates to wash out.

Felicity Huffman's life in prison at FCI Dublin has perks

photo credit: Twitter

“Those who are worried about Felicity should be rest assured that doing time at ‘Chateau Dublin’ is as easy as the breeze that wafts through the open windows,” the source told Radar Online.

While spending time in the prison lobby, inmates can watch television until 8:45 pm. There, they can also play cards and various board games.

Lights Out, Visitors, and Commisary

Once the lobby closes, all inmates must be in bed with lights out by 10pm. Then everyone must be awake and start the routine again by 6:30am.

Each month, inmates are allowed to have up to $320 to spend at the prison commissary. FCI Dublin’s commissary sells cookies, ice cream, candy, instant coffee, toiletries, and greeting cards.

Inmates are also allowed to have visitors on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 8am and 2pm.

Huffman Plead Guilty To College Bribe Charges

The famed “Desperate Housewives” actress is set to spend up to 14 days in the facility. Though she may get out early for good behavior.

The sentence came after she pleaded guilty to paying a $15,000 bribe to have someone correct the wrong answers on her daughter’s SATs.

Huffman was also fined $30,000 and given a year of supervised release plus 250 hours of community service.

Many people thought the sentence was too light – even Huffman’s costar Ricardo Chavira credited the actress’ ‘white privilege’ for getting off with just a hand slap. Dish Nation took Twitter to find out whether people agreed with Chavira’s theory. 70% of respondents agreed.

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Given the amount of backlash Huffman has received over her crime, time away in this cushy prison might come as something of a relief to her.

Once she gets out, she will undoubtedly be facing an uphill battle. The actress will have to rebuild both her reputation and her career.

Hopefully, she will use this time in prison to think about what she has done. And ultimately become a better person in the end.

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