Dog The Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman home footage on Dog's Most Wanted

In a new episode of “Dog’s Most Wanted,” Dog the Bounty Hunter shows his family’s grief immediately after his beloved wife Beth Chapman died.

The Chapman family grieves

The Chapman family, especially Beth, always insisted their shows reflect real life. And in the video taken less than an hour after Beth’s passing, Duane “Dog” Chapman and family do exactly that.

Beth died at home in Hawaii on June 26 at 5:32 a.m. She was 51.

The home footage includes Dog’s daughters, Bonnie, Lyssa, and Cecily, coping with the new reality of Beth’s death.

“It feels like it’s not real,” Lyssab says.

Dog supportively reminds her, “We’ve prepared for this for a while. I don’t care how much you prepare, it’s tough.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter speaks

Taking his turn in front of the camera, Dog emotionally announced Beth’s passing.

“It’s about 6 a.m. in Hawaii, Honolulu. At 5:30 something, Beth usually gets up every day to hit Koko Head mountain here with the family, some of her girls and her dog,” he said while choking back tears. “And today at that time Beth’s hike was the stairway to heaven.”

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Beth’s final days

The video skips back to five days before Beth died. And Dog The Bounty Hunter, 66, explains just how quickly she went downhill.

“We were flying from Colorado and she started feeling not so good,” Dog explains to the camera while standing outside his home.

“She took a steroid pill that they gave her and her breathing got really raspy and really bad. I had to follow her around. If I couldn’t hear her breathing I was like ‘Where is she?’ She was sitting down in the bathroom and all of a sudden she stood up and said, ‘I can’t breathe.’”

“She put her hands against the wall and started bouncing trying to get air,” he continues. “She went straight back, I saw her eyes roll back in her head and she fell into my arms.”

“All I kept thinking was, ‘I have to breathe the breath of life back in her because I told her I wasn’t going to let her die,’” he said through tears. “And so she didn’t, she took a big suction of air and I was like, ‘Cecily, call 911 right now.’”

But for all Beth’s strength, her struggle for breath didn’t last.

“I just hear my dad yell, ‘Everybody get out of the house. Cecily, get here right now,’” Cecily recalls, tearfully. “You kind of just know.”

While the video is deeply personal, Beth herself made the decision to show the ugly reality of fighting throat cancer, and the good times despite it.

Beth Chapman was a fighter. Right until the very end.

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You can watch the finale of “Dog’s Most Wanted” on WGN at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

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