Steven Peterson Reflects on Jaw-Dropping KO of Martin Bravo, Feeling “Remorse” For Follow-up Shot

Steven Peterson is understandably thrilled with the fact he scored an electrifying knockout at UFC Mexico City, but the featherweight admits he wasn't happy about the follow-up shot he landed.

Steven Peterson buzzed the MMA world last night at UFC Mexico City by taking out Martin Bravo with a beautifully timed, spinning backfist. But after his ‘Performance of the Night’ scoring win, “Ocho” admitted he had some regrets about the additional shot he landed before the fight was called.

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Peterson’s jaw-dropping knockout

Peterson ended the fight in the second round by connecting with a spinning backfist – as Bravo attempted the same technique – that appeared to KO the featherweight instantly. Peterson followed up with a hammer fist from above, which landed before referee Herb Dean had intervened. Bravo remained down on the canvas for some time following the fight.

“Ocho’s” post-fight comments

After the win, which snapped a two-fight losing skid for Peterson, the 29-year-old had this to say about the vicious finish (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“(That was my best knockout), 100 percent,” Peterson said. “I’ve never had an out-cold knockout in my MMA career of 26 pro fights. In the streets, different story. …

“Honestly, I felt kind of guilty. I felt kind of bad going for that finishing blow. But (referee) Herb (Dean) wasn’t there yet, and I didn’t know if (Bravo) was going to bounce back up and hop in on a single-leg (takedown). So I just had to take those shots. Afterward, when he was still on the ground, I felt remorse. But when you look back on the moment, I’ve knocked guys down before, and they’ve hopped up on a single-leg. In the moment, you have to go for it. If the ref’s not stopping the fight, you’ve got to continue to fight till the ref stops it.”

There’s no question that the extra punch wasn’t required. But it’s also true that Peterson didn’t do anything illegal. Dean hadn’t stopped the fight yet and fighters are told to keep fighting until the official intervenes.

The fight’s finish aside (and the bonus “Ocho” earned), it was a massive victory for Peterson, who likely would have been cut if he had lost. With the win, however, Peterson moved his overall record to 18-9 and his UFC record to 2-3.

Bravo’s record, on the other hand, now stands at 11-3, and he’s dropped three in a row.

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