New reports state that Queen Elizabeth now refuses to talk about her grandson, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle.

New reports state that Queen Elizabeth now refuses to talk about her grandson, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle. Presumably, the Queen’s discussion ban is a result of the couple’s continued entanglement in various scandals.

Queen Elizabeth Bans Any Discussion Of Harry And Meghan

Fox News reported that a royal insider said that the Queen refused to talk about Harry and Meghan during a recent riding trip. The source explained that those who spend time with the Queen have one “very strict rule” to follow these days. That rule: do not speak of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Journalist Quentin Letts took to Twitter to reveal that his friend was told not to discuss the royal pair before embarking on a riding trip with the Queen.

“Friend of an acquaintance was about to go riding with HMQ,” Letts tweeted. “Was given v firm advice ‘Talk about anything except one subject.’ Brexit? ‘No, The Sussexes.'”

Harry And Meghan Slammed For $3 Million Taxpayer-Funded Home Renovation

Harry and Meghan have been involved in multiple scandals over the past few months. These scandals include a $3 million taxpayer-funded renovation of their home Frogmore Cottage. The home is located right next-door to the Queen’s residence at Windsor Castle. The royal couple spared no expense on their lavish renovation. The upgrade includes a “$4,969 outdoor seating and cooking area,” a “cozy” outdoor entertainment area with “patio decking” and “lovely countryside views.” On top of that, Frogmore Cottage reportedly now has a designer kitchen and a refitted bathroom.

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Many taxpayers complained about having to fund the home renovation for Harry and Meghan. Moreover, the Queen herself has always tried to live as frugally as possible out of respect for British taxpayers. Therefore, she could not have been happy about the couple’s extravagant renovation.

Harry And Meghan Branded As Hypocrites

As if this wasn’t enough, Harry and Meghan were branded as hypocrites over the summer after they took four trips on private jets in just 11 days. While in turn lecturing the rest of the world about how we all need to change our lifestyles to better fight climate change. Many accused the couple of hypocrisy because private jets are notoriously bad for the environment. The entire scandal turned into a major embarrassment for the royal family.

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Clearly, the Queen is increasingly fed up with Harry and Meghan’s antics. If the Sussexes want to maintain any kind of popularity, they would do well to focus on following the royal rules that the Queen has adhered to for decades. Queen Elizabeth is one of the most popular royals of all time because she doesn’t ruffle feathers and always puts her subjects above herself. If only Harry and Meghan would do the same.

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