Planned Parenthood is now in the movie business. The abortion giant has consulted on over 150 Hollywood movies to promote their Liberal agenda.

Liberal Hollywood tries to indoctrinate people through entertainment. They subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, beat us down with liberal policies and agendas when we watch movies or television shows. Since abortion is a pet project of Tinseltown, they have consulted with abortion giant Planned Parenthood on over 150 movies in the past five years alone.

Planned Parenthood Influences Movie Scripts

The pro-life movement has grown significantly with support and also legislation over the years. This has Planned Parenthood on its heels. They responded by attempting to swing public opinion towards unlimited abortions by injecting pro-abortion messaging in movies and on television. Because of this, the abortion giant appointed Caren Spruch as its director of arts and entertainment engagement. RELATED: ‘Unplanned’ Screening Cancelled After Manager Threatened – Police Investigate Reports of Death Threats at Other Theaters

Spruch is in demand in liberal Hollywood. The entertainment industry is eager to mold minds to conform to leftist ideology.

“Nobody used to call me,” Spruch said. “I would be watching TV and going to the movies and figuring out who I thought might be open to including these story lines. Now I have a couple of repeat clients. Now people call me.”

“If there’s a word or two that isn’t entirely accurate, she (Spruch) helps me drill down on that and make sure that we’re not putting misinformation out there,” Jennie Snyder Urman who worked on “Jane the Virgin” said. RELATED: Alyssa Milano Believes Executing Death Row Inmates Is Worse Than Abortion

Spruch’s job is to encourage screenwriters to inject positive themes about abortion and other money makers for Planned Parenthood. Working topics like birth control and sexually transmitted diseases into storylines. They seek to influence public opinion through pop culture, and in movies specifically.

They Want To Promote Abortion

Spruch has worked on many films, including the 2014 romantic comedy “Obvious Child.” The film centers around portraying abortion as a normal and positive procedure. Spruch helps pepper scripts with key words and phrases in an attempt to glamorize abortion. And, of course to lessen the stigma of ending the life of an unborn child through violent means. Perhaps Hollywood would care more about these children if a gun was used to kill them.

Watch the trailer for “Obvious Child” below.

Liberal Hollywood will undoubtedly enlist Planned Parenthood to consult on more films after pro-life films like “Unplanned” performed so well at the box office.  “Unplanned”was a surprise hit for the faith-based genre. The movie exposes the abortion giant’s deceitful and violent practices. We expect Planned Parenthood to combat future success of faith-based films by doubling down on their efforts to permeate the entertainment industry and America – with pro-abortion messaging.

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