News Behind Brock Lesnar Title Shot + AEW TV Show Named

Brock Lesnar is back on WWE TV and we know more about his upcoming title shot. Also, AEW has finally named their upcoming TNT show.

News Behind Brock Lesnar’s Title Shot

-If you missed it, Brock Lesnar returned to WWE programming last night on SmackDown. He came out, along with advocate Paul Heyman, to challenge Kofi Kingston to a title match.

That match has been confirmed, and will take place on the Fox debut of SmackDown Live, October 4th.

Per the Wrestling Observer, this match has been in the plans for some time, and was not a knee-jerk move.

Having Brock appear on the blue brand last night unannounced was indeed a surprise, and the fans popped for it. While WWE could have missed out on a ratings bump by not announcing it, there is some value in showing fans that, hey, you never know what you might miss if you aren’t tuned in.

Now WWE has given us a concrete reason to tune in to the debut show (as if we didn’t have a bunch already). I’d imagine that most fans expect Lesnar to go over in the match, giving SmackDown on Fox a much higher profile champion.

AEW Television Show Named

-Tonight is the debut of NXT on USA, which was a move done to counter the debut of All Elite Wrestling’s own weekly television program.

That AEW program does not begin to air until October, but it appears to have received its name. The company will now be known to wrestling fans as “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite.” Not the most original name.

Now, in fairness, that could be a placeholder until the company officially debuts the show. If you look at the AEW website, it still refers to the show as AEW on TNT.

Company trademark filings did line up with using “Dynamite” in the name, however, so all indications seem to point to this being either the name, or some part of the name.

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