Jim Carrey’s Tweet For Pelosi To Impeach ‘Animal’ Trump Backfires

Former funny man Jim Carrey implores Nancy Pelosi to start impeachment proceedings on "animal" Trump in outlandish tweet.

Hollywood is ground zero for Trump Derangement Syndrome. The leftists who throw stones from their California mansions have a debilitating obsession with our current President. Jim Carrey is so infected with this mentally incapacitating disease that he might be patient zero. Not only is he going after President Trump, he is attacking Democrats for not attacking him even more than they already do.

The former funny man uses Twitter as a way to lob bombs at the President. Recently, he launched one at both the Commander in Chief and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Carrey doesn’t have the patience to wait until the election. His neurotic obsession is so chronic that he can’t wait until the next election. He wants President Trump impeached now and he’s angry that Pelosi hasn’t done this yet. RELATED: Jim Carrey Portrays Trump Supporters as Devolving Into Apes

Jim Carrey’s Artwork

Carrey has been using his own artwork as a tool for his intended political sabotage. In this tweet, he reenacted an episode of “The Twilight Zone” using both Trump and Pelosi with the following caption.

“Hey, Nancy Pelosi: There’s something on the wing! Some THING! You may wanna grit your teeth and cross your fingers while this gremlin rips the engines apart – but the rest of us want to live.


This is a dicey situation for the Democrats. Their base wants impeachment, but it is not popular with voters. Making this move now, could not only embolden Trump in 2020, but it could also cost them seats in the House. Just last week, the Speaker told the Press she was done speaking about impeachment and left a press conference. This is even too radical of an idea for Nancy Pelosi!

Leftists, like Carrey, need to realize that impeachment is not a process intended to remove a president you disagree with. That is is the purpose of elections and the voters. This push for impeachment would only anger 2020 voters. RELATED: Jim Carrey’s Latest Anti-Conservative Drawing Blows Up In His Face

Carrey’s tweets highlight instability from the “Dumb and Dumber” star. In the days leading up to the 18th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Canadian actor tweeted that Mitch McConnell is much worse than Osama bin Laden ever was. Carrey’s message is what we would expect from the echo chamber of Hollywood, but it is one that will certainly sink Democrats.

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