Should There Be Queen And Tag King Of The Ring Tournaments?

King of the Ring is back and it has been people talking. Some want more tournaments, which would feature women and tag teams.

While the King of the Ring tournament has been underway for a few weeks now, this question is still long overdue. Simply put, should WWE extend the Royal Tournament to women (and beyond)? The answer, at least in this case, for the most part, is a resounding yes. Bayley said as much on a recent interview, that the women of WWE want their Queen of the Ring shot…and with so many other things, they should have it.

But, don’t just rush one together as an afterthought. That would be too obvious at this point. Instead, WWE really needs to rectify things, and here’s the good news: I have a plan! Not that WWE asked, or will read this, but here goes.

A Plan For The Future

For 2020, WWE needs to announce that the King of the Ring tournament will indeed return…and it will return to PPV, not on RAW or SmackDown. And with it moving back to PPV, it needs to expand. As in, there will now be a Queen of the Ring as well. I’d also like to see a tag team variant of this, but not sure how you’d dub those winners…Crown Princes? Court Jesters? If someone has a royal title for a tag team option, I am all ears.

So here’s how this would work. WWE will have men’s and women’s brackets. Let’s start with say, two brackets, sixteen Superstars apiece. Fourteen spots on either side of the bracket will be for RAW and SmackDown Superstars. The other 2 slots are for wild cards-free agent signings, surprise returns, NXT call ups, whatever the choice is.  The options from there? Either we get a two day show, Saturday being the first couple rounds, Sunday being the last couple. Or, we do some opening rounds on RAW and SmackDown, with the main matches being on the PPV.

For the tag teams, we can get a smaller bracket-8 teams per brand instead of 16, perhaps. But the idea remains the same.

The End Result

At the end of the event, you will have a King and Queen of WWE, complete with their Royal Court (the tag winners).

On top of that, each of the winners receives a future title shot of his or her choosing. Having the matches on PPV, for the big divisions, and with a pretty big prize? That’s an excellent way to re-start this old PPV title.

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