Property Bro’s Join Conan to Offer Advice on Fixing up Greenland for Trump

Let's find out if Greenland would be a good investment.

President Donald Trump created a stir when he floated the idea of buying Greenland from Denmark as a strategic landmass.

While the potential offer was declined from the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, others have joked about the concept and how to get the deal done.

Buying Greenland

Good-natured late-night comedian Conan O’Brien decided he’s heading to Greenland to “kick the tires” on the country.

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“Everyone’s mad at everybody over this initial idea,” O’Brien said. However, “President Trump knows real estate if he knows anything,”

“All this angry back-and-forth is just classic haggling over a real estate purchase — this is what people do. Every side plays hard to get, right?”

Of course, before making such a big purchase, Conan thought to consult the experts. And who is more knowledgable about buying and selling than the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott?

Property Brothers

Jonathan and Drew Scott played along in their typical roles as real estate agent and licensed contractor.

“Buying Greenland is a pretty huge investment,” Jonathan advised.

Of course, location is always important and Drew had positive news.

“I checked it out and it’s nearest neighbors are Canada and Iceland. They’re both pretty quiet,” he said.

On the design side, Jonathan had some suggestions for making Greenland a better living space:

“I would knock out this glacier just to get a more open concept plan and add a kitchen island” and “maybe knock out this mountain to get more natural light coming in from the north side.”

Drew came up with one more idea to make the deal a solid investment and “good for future re-sale value.”

“If you buy Greenland, buy Iceland as well. It would make a terrific mother-in-law suite,” he concluded.

While the Conan skit with the Property Brothers is tongue in cheek, Greenland isn’t new to the “enticing buyers” game.

Erik the Red

After Norse explorer Erik the Red (c. 950 – 1003 AD) was exiled from the much greener Iceland, he found himself on the icy terrain of what is now Greenland.

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After founding the first settlement on the “island”, Erik the Red decided the best way to get people to move there was all in the marketing.

Calling his new place of residence “Greenland” was a genius bit of PR for the middle ages.

While it doesn’t seem likely Greenland will become a United States territory any time soon, at least we have the all-clear on the specs from two real estate moguls.

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