Jack Swagger Rips Goldberg, Gets a Response, Talks WWE

Jack Swagger trolls Goldberg and Twitter after SummerSlam and gets a response. He also talked WWE and his career and life after leaving.

Former WWE Superstar and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger walked away from the wrestling scene years ago in favor of MMA at the height of his success. But, it’s not a case of walking away and never looking back. Swagger still follows WWE and is willing to talk about his experience.

–  Swagger isn’t above outspoken verbal sparring or one-sided barbs either, which is what he sent Goldberg’s way via Twitter. Criticizing the legend for his SummerSlam appearance and quick win over Dolph Ziggler, Swagger launched a salvo, tagging Goldberg in a tweet saying he is tired of his act and questioning the one-time Universal Champ’s work rate.

The thread was furthered when one Twitter user said Goldberg would wipe the floor with Swagger in an MMA contest. Swagger replied with the implication he can’t be touched.

After that, it didn’t take long to get a response from the man himself. Goldberg quoted Swagger’s tweet with two simple words: “Easy kid.” Swagger kept the exchange going by asking if Goldberg could kick out in time.

From there, Swagger answered fan responses which mostly took Goldberg’s side. When a user said Goldberg would knock him out in under 10 seconds, Swagger quipped he might “get me up for a #failingduplex too,” a reference to a botched suplex during Goldberg’s match with Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.

CombatSport Observer tried to be diplomatic while putting over the older stars but wouldn’t get on board, stating he isn’t comfortable with people taking food off his table.

Swagger buttressed his comments by making it clear he isn’t really mad or bitter. He has money and freedom.

–  That doesn’t mean Swagger won’t step in a wrestling ring again. He took indie bookings before hanging up his boots to fight in an octagon and still has that itch.

Swagger spoke with Nick Hausman on Wrestling INC’s WINCLY podcast and said he loves being a wrestler and how much the business has changed:

“Absolutely, it’s awesome to be a pro wrestler. I spent 12 years in the trenches, being treated like a grunt, and it’s great to see the changes being made to the industry. It’s really popular amongst fans in how they’re reacting to it and gravitating towards the change.”

Currently a Bellator fighter, he discussed the luxury he has working elsewhere and juggling wrestling dates with MMA commitments. He added his skills as an in-ring performer help him in the latter endeavor:

“That would definitely be a conversation to have. They’ve been very supportive of all my pro wrestling dates and they’ve encouraged it. You can see it helps to have a fighter with pro wrestling mic skills inside that cage because when fans start booing, you have to dish it right back at them.”

Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) and his departure from WWE over discontent came up. Swagger revealed he could relate and empathizes with him:

“I didn’t hear the podcast but I saw a lot of headlines and from what I saw it does resonate. It’s one of those things when you have a big company, things get lost or wasted.”

Swagger said there were character moments and matches he was disappointed with. Time constraints and jobs he did wore on him:

“Character-wise, all the time but nothing sexually like you’re making it sound [laughs]… Stuff like the 1000th episode of Raw and I got beat by Brodus Clay in six seconds. I literally took a turnbuckle and he covered me just because of time restraints. It was a big episode to be on but stuff like that and not having the amount of time to do anything.”

He emphasized time is something a Superstar must have but they cant make the most of it when they don’t get enough:

“If you get time on TV, really the ball’s in your court and you can take it and make it for what it is. But you’ve gotta have time.”

Jack Swagger is best known for his time in WWE where he is a former ECW Champion and Money In the Bank winner. During his tenure, he was aligned with Zeb Colter and Cesaro while feuding with Alberto Del Rio. Swagger’s last match was a losing effort against Baron Corbin on a SmackDown telecast dated October 18, 2016.

His official release was granted the following March.

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