george hamilton actors politics
george hamilton actors politics

Legendary Hollywood star George Hamilton just let loose on the many actors who love to lecture the public about politics, saying that they have “no qualifications” to do so.

Hamilton told The Hollywood Reporter that actors who regularly speak out about politics are irresponsible because they have “no qualifications.”

“They’re given an unusual amount of credibility,” Hamilton said. “A lot of young actors do it and they shouldn’t. The political [people] are happy to use your persona. I think it’s unfair to the voter.”

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Hamilton’s Friendship With Trump

Fox News reported that Hamilton went on to say that he has no interest in politics himself and that he has never voted in his life. However, he describes President Donald Trump as a personal friend from their years in the Palm Beach, Florida social scene together. The star also keeps a MAGA hat in his living room that he says Trump gave to him personally during one of his rallies.

Hamilton described Trump as “a performer in his own mind” before discussing the president’s complexion.

“I think [Trump] slops bronzer on and hopes it’ll last till the evening — easy to put on, probably a spray tan: less fussy and camera-ready,” the 79-year-old actor said.

Hamilton Blasts Hollywood

Hamilton, who started his career in Hollywood back in 1958, lamented the fact that the entertainment world has changed so much over the last six decades. These days, there is a new wave of authenticity in Hollywood that Hamilton despises.

“Everybody has to be ‘real,'” he said. “That’s not the purpose of being here. It’s invention.”

Hamilton added that he enjoys looking back at his past and that doing so does not make him sad at all as he enters the “final” phase of his life.

“It’s not depression,” Hamilton said of remembering his past. “It’s melancholy. It’s like the feeling of bubbles in champagne.”

Actors Need To Shut Up About Politics

Hamilton’s comments about politics are incredibly refreshing at a time when it often seems like nearly every Hollywood star feels the need to constantly lecture Americans about their increasingly radical liberal views. Hollywood stars have become so full of themselves that they think that fans actually care what they think about politics when in reality, most of us just want to see them play pretend onscreen.

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Hamilton hits the nail on the head when he says that actors have “no qualifications” to talk about politics because they don’t! Politics has absolutely nothing to do with what they do for a living, so they are no more qualified to lecture the public about it than anyone else is.

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