Duane “Dog” Chapman says in the two months since his beloved wife Beth, 51, died from cancer, their dogs have helped him cope with the loss.

When Dog can’t be at home in Hawaii, he says he misses dogs, Lola and Duke.

Dogs helping to cope with grief

“They’re in Hawaii and I’m in Colorado and I want my dogs ’cause they know mommy’s not there and they come to me and they just will not leave me. They’re like boom, boom — like two lions, they walk around,” Chapman, 66, said in an interview. “At 9:30 they come and tell me to come to bed.”

Dog went on to explain Lola and Duke were Beth’s dogs and he needs them around him. And he’s letting the dogs do something Beth never allowed.

“[Beth] slept, you know, one side me, the other, she facing the bed, her side’s always the left and they get like on her side one night — she would not let them in the bed,” he said.

“Only the blind dog she let in the bed — But the other two, no. But now, they’re right where she slept and then they put their noses and all that under the sheets.”

“He sits right by the toilet all day long. I called [daughter, Cecily] last night and said, ‘Where’s OG?’ She goes, ‘He’s in the bathroom again’ because that’s where mom would come in to use the bathroom coming in, you know, from doing something. And he got her right there. So he just can’t see a thing and he’s just sitting there waiting for her,” he recounted.

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Beth’s legacy

Dog also wants everyone to know that Beth went out fighting to the very end.

“The week before she went to heaven she put a guy in jail,” he said. “Shot him, tased him, didn’t give him a chance.”

Chapman also said it’s because of Beth that there’s a new show featuring the bounty hunting family.

“Dog’s Most Wanted”

“Credit where credit’s due. She wanted to go ahead and do the show,” Dog said in another interview. “She said ‘this is my life and I’m going to show every bit of it.'”

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Chapman went on to explain the only places they didn’t film were the bathroom and bedroom.

“We want to be truthful and show different sides,” Dog said, tearfully. “We showed the real Chapman family. Each child takes it rough and each child is doing better. Allegedly time heals all wounds but I don’t know about this one.”

Taking a back seat.

And for the first time, Dog says he wasn’t involved in editing the episodes because it was too emotional.

“I was there, of course, when we shot it. But I haven’t seen the show,” Dog admitted. “Next Wednesday, I’ll be like everyone else seeing it for the first time.”

While the season may be bittersweet for viewers, including Dog and the Chapman family, surely Beth would want everyone to just enjoy the show as her last hurrah.

“Dog’s Most Wanted” premiers on September 4 on WGN America.

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