After Nate Diaz defeated Anthony Pettis at UFC 241, the Stockton star claimed he’s unaware of who Colby Covington is. Well, those statements got back to Covington, and “Chaos” had a pretty, pretty fiery response. Surprised?

Diaz’s comments after UFC 241

Diaz returned to cage for the first time since 2016 at UFC 241, and outscored Pettis for the decision win. Following Diaz’s triumphant return, he was asked about Covington and the latter’s rise up the welterweight ranks. Diaz responded, however, by claiming he didn’t know who the controversial fighter is. The outspoken fighter also said that if “you’ve been here for two weeks and get a little hype show, I don’t give a (expletive).”

Covington responds

Well, recently American Top Team held a media day, and Covington was on hand. While talking to MMA Fighting, the former interim welterweight champ was asked about Diaz, and Covington said this:

“I could give a sh*t less about that journeyman Nate Diaz,” Covington said. “He’s another .500 level fighter. He wins one fight for every loss and [is] a guy that sits out three years. Who gives a sh*t about that guy. I’ve steamrolled real men that have rag-dolled that little snowflake. The only thing worse than his lisp and his speech impediment is his wrestling.

“The thing is, nobody every accused Nate Diaz of being smart but avoiding me and not talking about me might be the smartest thing that b*tch-boy’s ever done. He knows exactly who I am. His brother, we were supposed to set up the fight last year at Madison Square Garden until he got cold feet and pulled out last minute. But they know exactly who I am. I’m the king of the f*cking division. I’ve got a belt around my shoulders, something he’ll never see. The only thing he may ever get a belt in is the weed industry but he needs to stop being hooked on weed and get hooked on phonics…”

After Diaz made the comments, the consensus was it was his way of taking a verbal shot at “Chaos”. Diaz has repeatedly talked about how he’s interested in battling fighters that have been at the top of the sport for a long time. Further, both he and his brother Nick have made it clear over the years they don’t really respect wrestling centric fighters (some have argued that’s because they’re not known for having top-tier takedown defense).

Further, Diaz is looking for big-name, massive bouts. While a fight with Covington would be sizeable, it’s worth noting that Diaz has over 1 million Twitter followers, and “Chaos” has yet to crack 100K. Jorge Masvidal, who Diaz recently called out, has close to 200K.

Covington, who recently defeated Robbie Lawler, is expected to fight champion Kamaru Usman later this year.

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