After Bashing America Around Europe, Kathy Griffin Admits She Loves Her American Freedoms

Kathy Griffin, despite frequent complaints about the U.S. and bashing it abroad on her most recent stand-up tour, says she's an All American girl.

“D-List” comedian Kathy Griffin is changing her tune a bit when it comes to America. Despite frequent complaints about the U.S., and bashing it abroad on her most recent stand-up tour, Griffin says she’s an All American girl.

“It will piss some people off to hear me say this, but I’m an American girl,” Griffin said in a recent interview.

It says a lot about who her fans are that she acknowledges they’ll be mad when they find out she’s actually a proud American.

“I am American all the way,” she reiterated.

“I complain a lot about sexism and misogyny, but I’m well aware there are many, many countries where I could not do this for a living,” she said. “I am so grateful for the freedoms I have here. I’ve always been a student of the First Amendment, and now I really know it.”

Sure, misogyny and sexism. But the thing that lost her jobs was simply grotesque.

Griffin Loses Role at CNN

In 2017, Kathy Griffin posed holding a Halloween mask of Pres. Donald Trump with ketchup poured over it to make it look like blood. The resulting image made it look like Griffin was holding the severed head of the sitting president.

The inflammatory photo led to Griffin losing work, including her role on CNN as Anderson Cooper’s co-host for the network’s New Years Eve broadcast.

Griffin subsequently apologized when her actions led to a magnitude of fallout she hadn’t expected. She’s since said she’s actually not that sorry about it. She claims she’s a victim.

As is protocol, the photo prompted the FBI to open an investigation into Kathy Griffin. She was placed on the federal “no-fly” list.

However, once she was able to fly overseas again, she booked a European stand-up tour, bashing America and President Trump in 15 countries. The “Laugh Your Head Off” tour (get it?) made the disgraced comedian more than $2 million.

It’s great that Kathy Griffin understands how great she actually has it as an American woman. And, of course, criticizing our politicians is an American right, but doing it overseas is generally considered bad form. But no one’s ever accused Kathy of being classy.

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