Alison Sweeney May Replace Lori Loughlin as Hallmark Channel Favorite

Alison Sweeney would be an excellent replacement for disgraced Lori Loughlin.

Hollywood has a reputation for big egos, poor choices, and selfish behavior. But, not every actor or actress fits that mold. Alison Sweeney stands out as an example of a child actor who continues thriving in Hollywood into adulthood while maintaining her character and integrity.

Sweeney began acting at age 4. She’s been a staple as Sami on the soap “Days of Our Lives” since 1993. She spoke about the challenges of growing up in the limelight of Tinseltown at the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2019 TCA press tour event.

Alison Sweeney Child Actor

“I was really lucky. I’m from LA so it wasn’t a big fish out of water story, and my parents are super grounded and normal and real and tough and strict,” the soap star said. “I was never left out on my own to figure that out. I was always really guided by my brothers and my parents, who were all very loving.”

Alison Sweeney to Replace Lori Loughlin?

Sweeney’s parents guided her around the pitfalls that often drag down child actors into a life of misery. They would not allow their young daughter to become tabloid fodder.

She is now a fan favorite not only on “Days,” but also on The Hallmark Channel. Many are wondering if she will replace Lori Loughlin as the go-to for the beloved cable network now that Loughlin has been disgraced by criminal charges regarding bribery to get her daughters into USC. The Hallmark Channel is viewed as the ultimate Christmas special station and Sweeney would provide a smooth transition to taking top billing from the embattled Loughlin. She lives a balanced life and would offer a scandal-free alternative to the more wholesome network. (RELATED: Lori Loughlin’s Career Takes Another Hit!)

Sweeney recalled that her family not only helped her avoid poor lifestyle decisions that she said many of her fellow child actors succumb to but they helped her successfully transition from child to adult actress.

“I was never left out on my own to figure that out. I was always really guided by my brothers and my parents, who were all very loving,” Sweeney told Fox News.

As a mother, Sweeney doesn’t allow her kids to live in The Hollywood bubble. She wants them to understand that life has consequences. She doesn’t allow her kids to have cell phones because all of their friends do. She makes the rules in her home and doesn’t allow peer pressure to reign.

“I do not want to shelter my kids from choices and struggles and life but to say, ‘No. That’s not your life. People do it but we don’t do that in our family,” the actress said. “So that’s the big lesson that I think is really important to share with them.”

Sweeney said while she missed out on some things being a child actress, she doesn’t dwell on the past nor have any regrets. She likes her life now and the woman she is and wouldn’t risk that.

She certainly offers a much different perspective on life than Loughlin who is accused of spending $500,000 on bribes to get her daughters into college.

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