WWE Superstar Signs New Contract + Big 24/7 Title Defense Planned?

WWE has been working hard to retain any it's important core talent. They've succeeded in a big way recently, signing Braun Strowman. Also, a 24/7 defense?

-Lately, many fans are paying extremely close attention to a Superstar’s contract status. It seems almost every week there is news about someone re-signing with WWE or asking for his or her release.

In recent months, WWE has seen several talents ask for their release or declare their intention of not signing back on with the company (Looking squarely at Jon Moxley here).

Other talents have been offered, but took forever and a day to decide to re-sign (like Gallows and Anderson), or may still be taking forever to ponder their future (like The Revival).

So, it’s good news when WWE can say they’ve re-signed a major main-event level star.

In this case, WWE’s own Braun Strowman took to his personal Instagram account to pass on the good news. The big man has re-signed with WWE for a four year deal.

With word that new RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman might have big plans for the big man, the extension is a good first step toward a monster push.

-We’ve seen plenty of odd 24/7 Championship changes since the belt came in to being. Just this past week on RAW, we saw R-Truth pin Drake Maverick on a hotel bed, as Maverick was purportedly on his Honeymoon.

Now, according to PWInsider, we might see a title defense (or change) at San Diego’s annual Comic-Con.

There are reports that both Truth and Maverick are in San Diego, so it’s entirely possible that we will see something happen during the big event. Stay tuned to The Mix to find out!

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