Many royal fans have noticed that Queen Elizabeth and her granddaughter-in-law Kate Middleton both look downright miserable when they ride in the royal carriage. Now, the reason behind their gloomy expressions have been revealed.

AOL reported that a royal source said that the Queen and Kate look so downcast because they are extremely physically uncomfortable in the jostling carriage. Making matters worse for Kate is the fact that she suffers from crippling motion sickness, which makes the discomfort of the carriage virtually unbearable.

“The truth is the Duchess of Cambridge gets very seasick and doesn’t enjoy the rocking motion of carriages,” the source said, adding the stress of trying to control the illness adds to her serious expression. “Worrying she may be ill on such an important occasion as Trooping the Colour added to her stress.”

Since riding in the royal carriage is a tradition that goes back generations, there is no way for Kate to get out of it.

“Protocol meant she had no choice but to go by state carriage,” the source said.

Things have gotten so bad that the Queen has even suggested that Kate take medication, but the well-known side effect of drowsiness means that she is reluctant to do this.

The Queen Has Motion Sickness As Well

The Queen herself also suffers from motion sickness. Last year, the Queen opened up about how difficult riding in the royal carriage is for her, describing the two-hour procession on her coronation day as “horrible.”

This serves as a reminder that royals are normal people who deal with the same kinds of illnesses and discomforts that we all do. It is also a reminder that being a royal is not all fun and games, and there are many things that they have to do that they may not like.

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