The Best Part of UFC on ESPN 5 Will Be Colby Covington Losing

Colby Covington is so disliked, whenever he opens the door to his home, his own pets flee in disgust, never to return.

The UFC is going to Newark, NJ, this weekend, and the headlining bout is a match-up between the beloved slugger Robbie Lawler and the reviled villain Colby Covington.

Seriously, I’m not sure anyone even likes Covington–not even Covington himself. He may be on a decent win streak, and his wrestling game is pretty damn stifling, but he’s got the personality of a cactus. And he just loves playing the role of Chael Sonnen-esque bad guy (although he’s kind of embarrassing in how he tries to pull it off).

Anyway, everyone loves Lawler. What’s not to love? Regardless of whether or not he’s the champ, he’s exciting as heck. I mean, this is Robbie:

You how long it will take for Covington to amass a highlight reel that impressive? Hint: he never will.

So Saturday night, UFC on ESPN 5, and the best thing about the card is how Lawler will snuff Covington out of existence.

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