Leon Edwards Takes Poke at Ben Askren, While Blasting Jorge Masvidal, Title Shot Talk

Many believe Jorge Masvidal will fight for a belt next, after destroying Ben Askren at UFC 239. But, Leon Edwards thinks all the title shot talk tied to "Gamebred" is "madness".

Due to Jorge Masvidal’s vicious KO win at UFC 239, the consensus seems to be that Robbie Lawler or Colby Covington need to score an impressive victory, if they hope to leap past “Gamebred” for a title shot. But, Leon Edwards has made it abundantly clear he doesn’t think Masvidal has any business, fighting for the welterweight crown.

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Leading up to Masvidal’s recent fight with Ben Askren, there was speculation the winner of the fight could very well move into the leader’s spot for a title shot, with a memorable win. Well, Masvidal did that and then some, by taking out Askren in just five seconds.

Since Covington never really lost the interim belt he won in 2018, however, the belief is that the winner of his August 3rd bout with Lawler, could also land a title shot. Provided they score the type of victory that leaves the masses buzzing.

Well, in advance of Edwards’ bout this Saturday with Rafael dos Anjos, the surging fighter was asked to weigh-in on Masvidal’s recent win and his title shot run. Here’s some of what of the British welterweight had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I never held Askren in high regard anyway,” Edwards said. “He just shouted his mouth off the get to where he’s at. He’s an amateur on the feet, I’ve watched him hit pads and it’s weird; even his shots are slow. He came in, he talked his way up into the position he was in and then he dipped his head into a knee.”

“It’s madness, really. I don’t know where all of this title talk is coming from. Just two fights ago he was on a two-fight losing streak, he was probably gonna get cut from the UFC. I think the title talk is nonsense. It’s madness, but f*ck it, it is what it is.”

Edwards certainly isn’t the only person to express views like this about Askren. But, at the end of the day, he is a former Bellator and ONE champ who had gone undefeated until facing Masvidal. This is why that win moved Masvidal into the #3 spot in the UFC’s 170 rankings, and why he’s in the title shot mix.

But, if we want to view the title shot picture through a meritocratic lens, if Covington beats Lawler, he should be next for the champ, Kamaru Usman. Regardless if it’s a close, tightly contested fight or not.

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