hammerhead blacktip
hammerhead blacktip

It’s Shark Week and that means lots of events and programming centered around the ocean’s king predator.

While sharks are considered to be at the top of the ocean’s food chain, not all sharks are equal. Some even become prey themselves.

In this amazing video, a hammerhead shark is tracked by a drone as it hunts a school of blacktip sharks.

It’s certainly something to see.

In the video, the hammerhead shark chases the smaller blacktip sharks at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

While blacktip sharks average six feet in length and up to 80 pounds, the hammerhead smashes them with all the force its 14 foot, 1,000-pound body wields.

This hammerhead may have caught its blacktip lunch, but, thankfully, another missed out on catching a fisherman for a snack.

Hammerhead shark vs. fisherman

A fisherman on a kayak got more than he bargained for while fishing for halibut. A hammerhead shark decided he didn’t want to share any fish and proceeded to ram the kayak.

Thankfully, the fisherman came prepared for the unexpected.

Watch the suspenseful interaction.

“I felt a bump to the back of my kayak and you notice I turn to see what it was. Saw nothing so I looked right. Nothing. Then felt the bump again and turned back to the left to see this hammerhead who looked like he meant business,” frustrated fisherman Markus said.

“I was close to a mile from any help and by myself with no boats in the area,” he continued. “If I had been knocked in the water and was splashing around, there’s a great chance the shark would have come up and bit me to see if I was food.”

Hitting a shark on the head.

Markus decided to use his paddle to knock the shark on the head and keep it away from tipping the kayak.

Markus went on to say he opted not to use the knife he had on him because he didn’t want to permanently injure the hammerhead, just get it to stop ramming the kayak!

“We must respect the ocean and share the ocean,” he reminds viewers. “It’s not ours. It’s not theirs. It’s all of ours and we all depend on its health for our survival.”

Enjoy Shark Week and remember: No matter how cool sharks are as creatures of the ocean, it’s wise to respect their territory and never tempt them because they will bite!

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