beyonce grand canyon
beyonce grand canyon

Some visitors at the Grand Canyon got the Hollywood treatment (and not in a nice way) when Beyonce showed up to film a music video. The campers who had reservations at Havasu Falls were booted and their vacation plans were cut short because the A-lister felt her music video was more important than the trips they had planned for months.

These tourists paid hundreds of dollars to see the waterfall, but that didn’t mean much to Beyonce and her Hollywood entourage who were there to film a video for The Lion King. Access to Havasu Falls is extremely limited. These folks had planned their trips well in advance and had permission to be there, but Beyonce’s trip trumped theirs as the star and her young daughter helicoptered into the spot.

Beyonce Ruined Their Vacations

Park rangers sent the visitors on their way in anticipation of the self-proclaimed “Queen’s” visit with her daughter Blue Ivy. Multiple outlets and Twitter users claim these people, whose vacations were disrupted for Beyonce’s music video, have not been compensated.

One of the displaced Grand Canyon tourists waited over a year for passes for the Falls from the Havasupai tribe, which issues only 300 passes for each day. She also claimed the Beyonce never went to the village to thank the Havasupai people.

Some are trying to deflect blame from the mega-wealthy singer by saying the Havasupai tribe gave her permission. With so many people displaced without notice, destroying the vacation plans they had for months or longer, it’s hard to imagine this being a good look for Beyonce.

This whole debacle is Hollywood’s entitlement in a nutshell. They do what they want without concern for average people. Celebrities generally live by their own set of rules without much concern as to how they affect others. That’s exactly what Beyonce did at the Grand Canyon.

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